A bad haircut or a poor dye job can be seen as a catastrophe by everyone. It is especially unpleasant for women who cherish their locks very much. Fortunately, New York City is full of talented and experienced hair professionals who can give you a hairstyle makeover. Here are the best hair spa salons you should consider if you want your locks to be treated well.

The Best Hair Spa Salons in NYC

hairstylists styling a woman's hair

Note: The following locations are presented in no particular order.

1. Wellington Hair Spa

This hair spa salon’s owner is Patrick Wellington, a hairstylist with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. He has styled celebrities and demanding exclusive clientele. Moreover, this salon provides over-the-top hair services. It is a niche salon that specializes in black hair. They focus on offering you inner health that will strengthen your locks. From haircuts to hair coloring and intensive treatments, you will find everything you need at this salon.

2. Vanilla Hair Spa

Vanilla Hair Spa offers top-notch hair services. You can find this place in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Specialists here will spoil you with stylish haircuts, gentle blow-drying techniques, unique coloring concepts, and modern chemical treatments. Clients are happy when they see how hospitable this place is and how relaxed yet sophisticated the atmosphere is. They have set the highest standards when it comes to haircare.

3. Rossano Ferretti Salon

This hair spa salon’s owner has established over 20 salons all over the globe. Rossano Ferretti Salon has gained a lot of popularity soon after its launch and has experienced an impressive growth and expansion. Their main focus is quality and customer care. They treat all their clients as royalties, and they have a customized vision based on luxurious services. Hairdressing is their thing, and they are among the best at making their clientele happy.

4. Allure Day Spa & Hair Design

Allure is an integrated-services salon, providing not only hairdressing services but also skincare routines such as massages, facials, skin treatments, manicure, and pedicure. When it comes to salon services they will take good care of your locks, offering modern haircuts and styling, hair repair treatments, coloring, and extensions. You have plenty of services to choose from, and you can find all you need in just one place.

5. Federico Salon

Federico Salon has experienced beauty experts in two locations in NYC. Besides hair services, they also have nail and spa offers. One of their specialty is applying for hair extensions. From updos to deep conditioning treatments, you can find anything your heart desire at this salon. Prices may vary depending on who will take care of you. They have junior and senior stylists, but you can opt to have your hair styled by Federico himself.

Final Words

Having healthy and beautiful locks is important for all of us. If you want to obtain great results, you should go to one of the above-presented hair spa salons. They all offer the best services in NYC, and their hair specialists are true professionals.

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