Autumn’s predominant color is gold. From the falling leaves in the parks and sidewalks to the color of your pumpkin spiced latte, to your favorite pieces of jewelry, everything is gold colored at this time of year. Therefore, it’s time to up your nail game as well with these five gold nail art designs we’ve picked out for you.

1. Palm Trees Swaying in Gold

It’s always summer somewhere, right? Even though autumn is pretty much here in its own right now, summer is still in our hearts, as it always is. You can cheat those fall blues with a small touch of summer happiness on your nails. This design is absolutely gorgeous, as it features deep green palm branches on a baby pink background and, of course, a minimalist gold triangle on one of your fingers. You know how fashionable minimalism is right now, right?

gold nail art designs palm trees

2. Shards of Gold

This mani is typically called shards of glass. However, since we know you’re going for luxury and class this autumn, we propose to you the new and improved shards of gold manicure. How’s this for gold nail art designs? You can keep the black background, or you can swap it for a white or red one. However, we believe that the combination of black and gold is the true epitome of luxury, don’t you?

gold nail art designs shards of gold

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3. Rose Gold

It was impossible to talk about gold nail art designs and not mention an idea that involved rose gold. It has truly been the ‘it’ color of the past few seasons, and we declare ourselves over the top in love with it. These are metallic rose gold stiletto nails that have been polished to perfection. You can choose to match them with rose gold jewelry, but traditional yellow gold will work just as well. We’re not picky! We’re simply loving the metallic sheen and the almost copper gleam that everything gets when put together.

gold nail art designs rose gold

4. Your Words Are Pure Gold

How good of a talker are you? If you’re as good as you think you are, then you know that your words are pure gold. Pay tribute to your own gift with this unique design that has liquid gold pouring out of a vintage set of ruby red lips. We have to say that the combination of color is absolutely astounding here. There’s just something about that pure, solid white mixed with a touch of deep red, dusty pink and lots of sparkly gold that simply catches the eye.

gold nail art designs vintage lips

5. Tale as Old as Time

Are you a fan of Beauty and the Beast? Who isn’t? Since the latest live-action installment had such a huge success, you can use it as a personal inspiration. Think about the glittering golden ballroom where Belle and the Beast danced the waltz and fell in love. Or about her amazing yellow dress that had all those fantastic golden embellishments all along the organza trimmings. You can emulate that with a special nail design. In this rendition, the blue nail represents the Beast because he is royalty and the golden one stands for the glamour of the castle. Then you have the rose that must be beaten before the last petal falls, a power message from Belle teaching you to live, laugh, and love, while the red nail represents Belle herself. Lovely.

gold nail art designs beauty and the beast

Here are the five gold nail art designs we promised. From palm trees to Belle’s love story to shards of gold, you have it all. Which one was your favorite? Write to us in the comment section and let us know.

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