Glow in the dark nail polish was a major trend back in the 1990s. We have good news for those of you who liked it. It seems that this kind of nail polish has made a comeback. If you want to explore it, you can purchase it from your local shop. However, there are also other ways to create a glossy manicure. You can do it yourself, at home. Keep reading to find out simple ways to have perfect glow in the dark nails.

How to Make Your Own Glow in The Dark Nail Polish?

Using Glow Sticks

glow sticks for nail polish

Gather all your supplies. Make sure to have everything prepared on time, because glow sticks last only a short amount of time. Whether you choose a clear polish or a colored one, try to match it with the glow stick. For example, when you use a red polish, try to find a red glow stick. However, a clear polish has the best results when combined with other items that glow.

Try to find a nail bottle that is almost full. This way, it won’t’ get spilled when you add the glow. Before mixing it with polish, you need to agitate and shake the stick so that the glow will activate itself. Cut the stick using sharp scissors. Make sure you don’t get glow liquid everywhere. The best thing to do is to cut it over a sink.

After opening the nail polish bottle, you can start pouring the glow from the stick. Be careful when doing that because the liquid might stain your skin which can cause irritations. Finally, you may close the nail bottle and shake it energetically. When the two ingredients are mixed, you can start applying it on your nails. Don’t put thick coats on your nails. Also, protect your manicure with a clear coat. This is a great way to obtain a glow in the dark nail polish.

Using Pigment Powders

pigment powders to create a glossy manicure

This is better than the one previously described because it never fades away. Pigment powders can be recharged with sunlight. This time, you should definitely use clear polish instead of colored one. You can purchase pigment powders from craft stores and art shops. Also, you can find them online. Search for one that is totally or partially natural. At least, try to buy a powder that is not toxic.

Use a couple of ball bearings when mixing the nail polish with the powder. This way, they will combine quicker and better. Pour the glow powder into the polish bottle with care because it can be easily inhaled. Then, close the nail polish and shake it vigorously.  The last step is applying it on your nails, as you usually do. Protect your glow in the dark nail polish with a clear coat.

Final Words

Glow in the dark nail polish is trendy again. Wearing it in the club or at night is great. If you want that special something to make you stand out in the crowd even when it is dark outside, you should definitely use this nail polish. Follow the trends with a glowing manicure.

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