Beautiful Japanese women have always looked like art with their geisha makeup. Obtaining this kind of look might presuppose intricate work, but the result will be amazing. If you want to transform into a Japanese beauty, then stay tuned.

How To: Japanese Geisha Makeup Tutorial

Venus Angelic

To obtain a geisha look, you need to start by hydrating your skin with a light moisturizer. Next, use a light green concealer to cover any discoloration on your skin. Then, dab a makeup sponge into the water and take a generous amount of white concealer to cover your face. This white layer should be pretty thick, looking like a mask.

Use another sponge to set the concealer with high pigmented white powder, applying it all over your face. Next, you need to apply blush around your eyes. To fill in your eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil and then paint your eyebrows with a red eye shadow.

To contour your eyes, use a black eye pencil, starting from the inner corner of your eyes towards the outer corner. Use a red lipstick to outline a paddle around the black eye liner from the corner of your eye and cover a forth of your lower eyelid. Fill in the shape to create a more expressive look. Next, apply your mascara and pass on to contouring your lips with red lipstick. Fill in the lips with the same color, and you are all set.

Geisha – Makeup Tutorial!


Start by applying some Snazaroo clown white all over your face, neck, and ears. Next, use a white setting powder and a sponge to set it in really well. Use a black eye liner to do the wings towards the outer corner of your eyes. The result should be some large cat eyes. Therefore, the line should be thick. Pick up a black eyeshadow and a fluffy brush to apply it on the line of your socket line.

Next, take a red eye shadow and use the same brush to apply it above the black eye shadow, brushing it up towards your forehead. Get your black eye shadow again and blend it in with the red one.  Take the black eye liner and use it to paint your eyebrows, offering them a very dramatic look. Use the red eye shadow again and dust it underneath your eyes going down to your cheek bone.

Take the black eye shadow and follow the line of the red eye shadow using a fluffy brush. Next, use the black eye liner to contour your upper lip. Take a red lipstick and apply it on the lower lip. Apply some liquid red lipstick on top of the red lipstick before and make sure you add some of that on your upper lip too. Then, apply your false eye lashes.

Gathering our brushes

These beautiful geisha makeup tutorials remind us how amazing this tradition is, with the pale-looking faces and exquisite and precise eyeliner. If you are interested in getting this makeup for a show or a party, make sure you have all the products you need.

Image Source: Helppies