If fashion and style are your passion, it’d be downright shocking if you’ve never heard of Gal Meets Glam. A blog ran by style-enthusiast Julia Engel, this platform is a source of knowledge for anyone seeking tips and tricks not only on style, but on home and travel as well. If this is your first time diving into the world Engel created, keep reading to learn about the wonderful things you can discover by navigating through it.

Gal Meets Glam: The Build

A pretty layout, a well-organized one while at it too, is only the surface of this hobby-turned-business platform. For all your needs regarding style, home, and travel, this blog is about as comprehensive as your sought-after advice can get.

Julia Engel didn’t wake up with one million Instagram followers and millions of blog visits on a regular basis overnight. Yes, shocking, we know. In 2011, while she was still a business college junior, she decided that she wanted to share her passion on style to the world. She set up a Blogger domain and got to writing. Admittedly without “having any idea what she was doing” as she put it herself. The growth was steady and she had to learn a lot in the process. About the world of blogging, about coding, about managing a regular schedule. Engel spoke of the copious hours spent researching HTML and watching YouTube videos that could help her better the website.

After graduation, she moved on to a job, keeping Gal Meets Glam as her second job. Though, it “never felt like a job” in the first place. It was a platform for creativity, an outlet for her passion for these particular domains. Although she’s been mingling with the idea for a while, the final decision to turn the blog into her full-time occupation finally came in 2013. And we have a feeling that not even in these circumstances Gal Meets Glam ever feels like a proper job to her. In fact, Engel owes her growth and the success of the blog to the very fact that it was a project born out of passion, dedication, and a genuine enjoyment.

Behind the Scenes

In an interview with Lauren Conrad, Engel revealed some of the things that go behind the scenes. Also, what it means to manage a blog with the kind of fame and reputation that Gal Meets Glam possesses.

“Like any business, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. We’re pushing out five blog posts a week, four weekly newsletters, multiple mini posts on GMG Now, creating content for our social channels, shooting campaigns for brands which involves constantly creating unique concepts, location scouting, props and products, and editing photos,” Engel declared. “There’s always work to be done and there are still so many more things we want to pursue.”

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, why aren’t you checking out Gal Meets Glam already? Some of the best things were born from passion and creativity and Engel definitely doesn’t lack any of those. After all, there is solid evidence that these two elements can contribute to a notable growth.