The main role of a free dental clinic is providing quality medical services to those communities that have underserved or uninsured individuals. For example, some clinics focus on homeless people while others target abandoned children. Here are the best free dental clinics you should choose from.

The Best Free Dental Clinic Options to Consider

a little girl on a dentist chair

1. Queenscare Family Clinics, Los Angeles

Queenscare Family Clinic’s history goes way back. The first initiative was taken in 1897, to protect the neglected or abandoned children of Los Angeles. The name of Queenscare wasn’t attributed until 1998. Their experts offer quality medical care to uninsured and underserved people in Los Angeles. Their focus is improving health in their communities. Among this clinic’s values are the following ones: excellence, compassion, stewardship, and customer service. Besides dental care, the clinic also provides pediatric services, vision care, etc.

2. Downtown Public Health Center, Dental Clinic, Seattle

This is a health care clinic for both adults and children. From prevention services to regular check-ups and treating chronic diseases, this place provides medical health care on a wide range of areas. Their free dental clinic specializes in restoring oral health for homeless teens and adults. This center even has a maternity wing as well as a pharmacy. They will not only treat their patients, but they will also inform and educate these people.

3. Southside Medical Center, Inc., Atlanta

The Southside Medical Center was founded in 1967, and it offers integrated and comprehensive medical services. Their main values are accountability, respect, compassion, quality, and excellence. The CEO is Dr. David M. Williams who has been working for this free dental clinic since 1997. However, Southside is not only a dental clinic but also one that offers counseling, therapy, and other affordable health services.

4. William F. Ryan Community Health Center, New York

The Ryan Network idea came from William F. Ryan, a former Congressman. He states that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. There are four centers of this foundation in New York. The organization was established in 1967. All four locations provide quality medical services which are affordable. Moreover, all patients are treated with care, attention, confidentiality, and respect. This is not just a free dental clinic but also a place where you can benefit from plenty of other services. The William F. Ryan Community Health Center has several areas of expertise: dermatology, mental health, radiology, nutrition, homeless health care, and more.

5. Central Care Clinic MLK Dental Clinic, Houston

This clinic offers more than just dental services. They also provide behavioral health, wellness and fitness, and other medical services. Their experts focus on offering high-quality care which is not only accessible but also affordable. If you were looking for qualified professionals and comprehensive healthcare, this is the right place to go to.     Central Care Clinic targets all the residents from the Houston area, and their purpose is to eliminate all health disparities in the local community.

Final Words

As you can see, a free dental clinic offers low-cost or even free of charge dental services to certain population categories such as homeless people, neglected children, elderly, low-income families, and veterans. All the above clinics are great when it comes to their customer service standards. Moreover, they focus on confidentiality, and they treat all their patients with respect and dignity.

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