Do you want to style up your hair? Then, you should try a four strand braid. This hairdo is very versatile. There are plenty of ways to wear such a great hairstyle. You can match these braids with any outfit you want. You might think this is a complicated way to do your hair, but we are here to prove you how simple it is, once you get the hang of it. Keep reading to discover all the necessary steps to create a beautiful braid.

How to Create a Four Strand Braid? The Popular Version

four strand braid hairstyle

To make a perfect four strand braid follow these next steps:

  • Select a part of your hair and split it into two equal parts. Then, divide those two parts into smaller equal sections. In the end, you should achieve a total of four hair parts that have the same thickness.
  • Try to imagine that each of these sections has a number associated with it. Start from the left with number one, and continue to the right until you reach the fourth section. Keep in mind that always the right part comes over the left one. Therefore, put number two over the first section, and cross the fourth part over the third one. Finally, you can cross the first hair section over the fourth one. Try to insert it in the middle of the fourth part.
  • Start associating numbers to each hair part all over again. Repeat the same process like you did in the previous step. First, both second and fourth parts are crossed over the first and the third ones. The last thing you have to do in this step of the process is putting the first hair part in the center of the fourth one.
  • Continue doing this until you finish braiding all your hair. Don’t forget to use a hair elastic. This way you will make sure your four strand braid sticks as you put it.

How to Style Your Hairdo Using the Four Strand Braid?

Don’t worry if it doesn’t go as well as you expected for the first time. Keep practicing, and it will eventually become better and prettier. You can leave the braid as it is, falling along your neckline, or you can wrap it around your head, like a headband. Also, to emphasize all four strands, don’t forget to stretch the braid gently.

Putting It All Together

There are also other ways to make a four strand braid. For example, you can use the under, over, over, under pattern. However, the one described above is the most popular and easiest one. It uses the following pattern: you have to put right over left two times, then complete it with a left over the right flip. Four strand braid is a cool way to stand out in a crowd. It matches all kind of outfits and styles.

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