Flower nail designs are suitable for spring and summer season, going hand in hand with your flower-print dresses and skirts. Furthermore, this type of nail design will reveal your romantic and feminine side. Before starting, make sure you have all the tools you need to obtain amazing nail art designs, from nail pointer to thin brushes.

Flower Nail Designs for an Exquisite Look

Lavender nail design

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Look at this beautiful and simple manicure! Besides the fact that it looks gorgeous even if you have short or long nails, it is also very simple. To obtain this design, you will need white, green and purple nail polish. Make sure you also have a very thin brush to draw the flowers. Start by applying the white nail polish and then prepare for some intricate work. Use the thin brush to design the flowers. Let it dry and then apply a top coat. It is so simple yet so beautiful!

Pink flowers

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Look at how delicate these flowers are and how beautiful the manicure is! For this, you will need white, pink and black nail polish. If you do not want a flowery design on all your fingernails, then try drawing it on at least two or three nails. You will need to be patient and have a steady hand for this. Take your thin brush and gently start to paint the branches. Then, draw the flowers by making some small pink dots. This nail design looks fantastic!

Delicate roses

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This nail design looks more glamorous than the others. The glitter makes it look amazing. You can design some delicate roses on two of your fingernails to offer elegance and delicacy to your manicure. You will need pink or gold glitter, gray, white and pink or orange nail polish. You will need a lot of patience to design these roses. To add sparkle to your tiny flower, you can sprinkle some glitter.

Little daisies

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This manicure is so simple that you can do it in just a few minutes if you have a good thin brush and a steady hand. You will need white and yellow nail polish. First, apply a nail polish coat. Then, use your thin brush to design the white flowers. In the end, add a little yellow dot in the middle of each flower, and your summer manicure is ready.

Colorful flowers

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This manicure is perfect for your colorful summer days. You just need to apply a white nail polish, and then you can be as playful as you want. Choose your favorite colors and use a thin brush to design tiny flowers. If you combine more colors, it will look even more beautiful. Be as creative as you want. After you’re done, make sure you do not forget to apply a top coat for your manicure to last longer.

Matte nail polish

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Use some of your favorite colors of matte nail polish to get an exquisite manicure. Apply a blue or aquamarine nail polish and then start drawing colorful flowers. Use your thin brush to design the leaves.

Gathering our brushes

These spectacular flower nail designs will enhance your overall look, completing your spring and summer outfits. Purchase some of the most popular nail polish colors, and you will get an excellent look.