How many times did you start a new diet but you didn’t stick with it? I can’t remember how often I say that I will soon start going to the gym but I never actually do it. This happens mostly because of lack of motivation. Gaining genuine willpower and find motivation to lose weight are probably the hardest parts of becoming thinner. This is why we have come up with a list of useful tips on how to find your inner motivation.

5 Tips on How to Find Motivation to Lose Weight

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#1. Find the Real Reason Behind Your Desire

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for you or somebody else? The best and most powerful source to find motivation to lose weight lies within you. There’s no need to look for motivation in external factors. All you need to do is to make a quick introspection and find out the real meaning behind your desire to lose weight. Many times, there are emotional issues behind it that might mess with your willingness of losing those extra pounds.

#2. Visualize Yourself After Losing Weight

Think about how wonderful and fabulous you will look once you shed those extra pounds. Visualizing is a great self-help technique that helps your life and behavior align with your mind image. Just let yourself fantasize about the way you will look after losing weight. Imagine that you will change your entire wardrobe and you will be able to wear those cute dressed you’ve always wanted. However, you should take action instead of only dreaming about a better version of yourself.

#3. Increase Your Willpower

A great way to have a stronger willpower and find motivation to lose weight is to make a public commitment. Willpower is just like a muscle. It needs constant training to grow and develop. Unfortunately, it is also a resource that can decrease easily, especially when you make something that requires a lot of effort. As a solution, a good idea is to share your goal with your family and friends. Studies have shown that people who make a public commitment are more likely to achieve their purpose due to positive peer pressure.

#4. Establish Realistic Goals

Make sure you don’t exaggerate when you set your objectives. If you think your main goal is too hard to achieve, try to split it into smaller sub-goals. Take it one step at a time, and celebrate every small achievement. The more specific your goals are the better chances to achieve success. You can even write these aims on a paper and update them every time you overcome a new milestone.

#5. Convince a Friend to Embark on This Journey with You

Having a weight loss partner is highly motivational. You can support and motivate each other. Find that close friend that has the same purpose as you, losing weight in a healthy and balanced way. It is called teamwork. You should both make sure that the other person stays on the right track. Also, you should find someone you truly like hanging out with and who shares the same values as you. Such a friend could help you shop wiser and buy healthier groceries, stick to an exercise program, and more.

Let’s Recap

There are plenty of effective ways to find motivation to lose weight. The ones described above are not that hard to implement. The key is to be perseverant and never let go of your goals. Willpower is within you, but it will eventually fade if you don’t feed it. Choose a healthy lifestyle, and you will never have to think about losing weight again.

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