Fermented foods help your body’s good bacteria, which leads to an improved digestion. Moreover, they boost your immune system. Some even say these foods support you when you want to lose weight. Although research is not over yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should eat probiotic foods. Here are their main benefits as well as a list of top 4 fermented foods you should include in your daily diet.

The Main Benefits of Fermented Foods

  • They have a higher nutritional value. For example, some of these foods have a high content of vitamins and nutrients. During fermentation, these ingredients multiply in a natural and healthy way.
  • Fermented foods are easier to digest. Fermentation is a process that breaks down some elements such as cellulose which is harder to digest. You can feed your healthy bacteria from your gut while helping your digestive system.
  • They contain probiotics. Kefir and other fermented foods contain probiotics which are beneficial bacteria introduced by these foods into your digestive system. Probiotics slow or even stop certain conditions such as bowel problems.
  • Fermented foods are safer to eat. They are safer than raw vegetables, for example. This is because raw vegetables can contain E. coli while fermentation kills this dangerous element.

The Best Fermented Foods You Should Eat

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#1. Yogurt

Yogurt has a rich probiotic content, which makes it one of the healthiest foods out there. It supports digestion, and it even helps your skin. The best type of yogurt is the raw and unpasteurized one. If you don’t want to eat dairy products, you can still buy dairy-free yogurt, made from almond or coconut milk. Avoid eating sugary yogurts, by choosing the full-fat ones. Make sure they contain live active cultures.

#2. Kefir

This fermented element resembles yogurt only that it has a drinkable consistency. Kefir will reduce your intestines’ irritation, flushing out toxins, and preventing pathogens from your blood circulation. Use only organic kefir and avoid the one that contains sugar. You can even prepare your own water kefir if you add special kefir grains. These grains can also be added to other drinks such as coconut milk.

#3. Tempeh

Tempeh is an Indonesian cake with a nutty flavor. It has a chewy texture, and it is used to replace meat, especially in vegan recipes. You can prepare it with soybeans and yeast starters. However, it is best to buy one made by professionals, because they know the proper way to ferment the ingredients. Tempeh contains all kind of great elements such as iron, calcium, probiotics, and magnesium.

#4. Sauerkraut

The traditional way to prepare sauerkraut is by mixing water and salt with cabbage. Then, the combination is heated up. This is when the lacto-fermentation takes place. A portion of this fermented food will offer you a nice dose of probiotics, aiding your digestion. Some specialists say that it prevents the formation of cancerous cells.

Final Words

If you want to live a healthier life and improve your digestive system, you should definitely include fermented foods in your daily diet. They have plenty of health benefits, and they come in plenty of textures and tastes. Moreover, they will restore your entire intestinal ecosystem.

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