Feather nail designs are so trendy right now. If you want to have an exquisite manicure, you should try these nail art designs. Feather nail designs are elegant and feminine. Take a look at these tutorials and have fun creating the designs.

Pretty & Elegant Feather Nail Art Tutorial

by Promise Phan

First, for this cute and simple nail art design, you will need to apply your base coat. Then, choose whatever color you’d like. A nude or turquoise shade would look perfect. Apply the nail polish in two layers. Next, use a small thin brush and draw a simple line with black nail polish. After drawing this line, do some light and heavy strokes to finish the feather.

To bring out this amazing nail art, use some chunky glitter particles. Then, apply a top coat. This is a simple feather nail design that will look gorgeous on your nails.

Black Feathers nail art

by PinkFlyingCow ✩ Nail Art Tutorials

Start by applying a top coat. Then, use a white nail polish and apply it on your entire nail. On a little sponge, apply white nail polish with a brush and then some gray nail polish at the bottom. Press the sponge on your nail to create an ombre effect.

Take a thin brush and use black nail polish to create the feather and draw all those thin lines. After you are done, you can design some little white spots. Apply your top coat, and your manicure is ready.

Feather Nail Art : Fancy Nail Art Designs

by superWOWstyle!

This design involves real feathers. Isn’t that amazing? Start by applying a base coat. Then, choose a nail polish that will match the colors of the feather. Next, apply a coat of clear nail polish and before it dries apply the feather. Make sure you already cut the feathers before starting your manicure.

When you place the feather, take care of the sides and make sure it is completely stuck to the nail. Seal it with a top coat, and you will have a fantastic manicure.

Peacock Feather Nail Art

by SimpleNailArtDesigns

Start by applying a green nail polish. Next, take a thin brush and a black nail polish and start designing the peacock feather. You need to carefully handle the brush to do thin black strokes. Use a brown nail polish to design some brown lines too. Then, draw a brown disc at the top of the feather. Take a light blue nail polish and draw a smaller circle inside the brown one.

Use a darker shade of blue to design an even smaller circle inside the blue one. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Your nails will look spectacular!

☆Sparkling Feather Nails!

by xoJahtna

Start by applying a base coat. Pick a nude nail polish and then use a black nail polish to create the feather. Next, gradually darken the strands. Apply a glitter polish along the stem of the feather. This looks very beautiful! Finally, apply your top coat to prevent chipping. What an elegant manicure you have now!

Gathering out brushes

These amazing feather nail designs will color your summer. If you want a really fancy design, make sure you choose to apply some glitter or use natural feathers. Your manicure will look stunning.

Image Source: Pinterest