Color Club nail polish definitely stands out from other brands, whether it’s the famous halo hues or the strong simple shades that we’re talking about. If you’re like us and you’ve recently discovered their beauty, but aren’t quite sure where to start given the extravagant variety of colors, allow us to help. Of course, these picks are largely subjective, but at least one of these shades should be right up your alley.

Our Favorite 6 Color Club Nail Polish Shades

#1 Red Velvet

The black base with red shimmers isn’t a revolutionary Color Club creation. You can find almost the exact same polish in collections from ChG, Eyeko, or Milani. However, Color Club’s version stands out because it flaunts the most intense black of them all. It does require three coats if you really want to get that tar-like blackness on your nails, but the end result is impactful and worth it.

  • Collection: Untamed Luxury
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#2 Don’t Kale My Vibe

Wordplay pun outside, you can’t miss out on this raw yet enthralling shade in the year where the color green is on top of the world. Although the foundation is the harlequin-like hue, it’s a monochrome polish which glows with accents of gold, orange, and teal as well.

  • Collection: Oil Slick
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#3 Over the Moon

For undeniably beautiful shimmery pastel blue vibes, Over the Moon is one of the best picks in Color Club’s famous Halo Hues collection. You can get pretty much the full extent of its application in two coats. Although it’s highly resistant and quick-drying, don’t shy out on that clear overcoat to strengthen its duration.

  • Collection: Halo Hues
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#4 Feathered Hair Out To There

For those seeking shimmer-free and solid colors, Color Club has a fantastic palette of pastels and neons to choose from. Surprisingly good are their various shades of pink, which are just enough to not be flashy, but sufficiently bright to be bold and pretty. Feathered Hair Out To There is a cotton candy shade that can really make your sweetness stand out.

  • Collection: Poptastic Pastel Neon
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#5 We’ll Never Be Royals

Fear not, the name of this polish is really misleading. A shiny multichrome paint, it shifts between beautiful and rich shades of violet, magenta, and red. It’s a perfect color for a night out and it becomes incredibly bold and luscious in only two coatings.

  • Collection: Oil Slick
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#6 Crystal Baller

Last but not least, one of the 2015 Halo Hues’ biggest stars, Crystal Baller is an electric blue polish enriched by the gorgeous shimmers and the holographic accents. Wearing this nail polish is definitely going to make you feel like you’re a proper ice queen.

  • Collection: Halo Hues
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Wrapping Up

There are so many Color Club nail polish shades you can pick from, but these picks served as an excellent tour of the brand’s specialties and talent. Oil Slick is excellent for luscious colors with vibrant undertones and Halo Hues’ shades are a real holographic experience. Try them!