A beautiful manicure says a lot about a person. Its style and pattern can reveal that woman’s personality. It is like a business card or a way to present yourself to the world. Even though it’s fall and you should adjust your nails accordingly, we will not tell you to use a pumpkin nail polish color. This year, trendy fall nail designs include less obvious colors such as gray pink, evergreen blue, rose gold cream and others. Let’s see the most popular patterns for this autumn.

Top 5 Fall Nail Designs to Consider

a cosmetician doing a woman's manicure

6. Delpozo Nails

Minimalist patterns are hot right now. Simple details can be very effective and have a huge overall impact. Go for thin lines in the middle of your nails and extend it a little bit past the cuticle area. White or black are proper shades for this particular pattern.

5. Eggplant Violet

There are plenty of purple shades when it comes to nail polish. If you want a mesmerizing manicure, you should opt for a rich-looking deep aubergine shade. It is elegant, classy, and one could even get lost in it. Some even say it is one of the most popular and effective fall nail designs that all women should consider.

4. Libertine Nails

This fall is trendy to wear bold manicures. Mixed with the right attitude, these nails can have a great impact on how others perceive you. For example, you could choose adding Swarovski crystal on them, or even sculptural elements. A good choice would be to add 3D eye shape on each nail or even cool pieces of faux fur.

3. Reversed French Manicure

This is, in fact, a hot trend. You can call it reversed French manicure with a little extra on top. The best way to do this is to paint your nails with a light shade such as white, beige, or even cream rose. Then, use a darker contrasting color for your tips such as black or purple. For a better effect, add small details on your nails. For example, you could stick or create small lips on each nail.

2. Dark Glittery Navy Shade

This nail polish color is not new, but it is an evergreen shade. Moreover, it was updated for this autumn, becoming one of the best fall nail designs available on the market. According to some, not all women can pull off a navy color on their nails, being a risky shade. However, sparkly navy blue has sophisticated autumn wonderland written all over it.

1. Pearly Peach Nails

If you want to obtain this glossy look, which is so in this fall, you should apply a natural nail base coat, then add two layers of lacquer. Choose an iridescent hue that gives you that extra shine you desire. This girly manicure combined with a pastel makeup can create a beautiful look.

Final Words

If you want to keep up with what’s hot this autumn, you should let go of your bright summer colors and choose the most popular fall nail designs instead. All of the above patterns and shades will offer you a glossy, sophisticated appearance.

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