Black eyeshadow, green bronzer, white eyeliner, champagne glitter, wigs, crowns, and elf ears. What exactly are we playing at? It’s our fairy makeup ideas, of course. This fall, embrace Halloween the professional way as three beauty vloggers teach us the most outstanding and easiest ways to become fairies. Keep on reading because we have a forest fairy, a garden fairy, and an evil fairy. Spooky!

​1. Forest Fairy Makeup Ideas Tutorial

| NsomniaksDream

​Get ready to be swept off your feet when you see this tutorial. There are two reasons for that. First of all, because it’s absolutely gorgeous and magical and, second, because you won’t believe just how easy it is to do it once you’ve practiced a little bit.

This talented beauty vlogger shows us step by step how to put on the different layers of foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow. What we loved about her and her presentation is that she’s also very transparent about all the makeup products she uses, which means you can totally recreate this look at home.

After that, she simply takes a couple of differently colored eyeliners and starts creating those whimsical leaves, vines, and twigs on her face, adds a platinum wig, and a crown which she made from scratch and voila! A woodland fairy is born! How amazing is she? Find more from her on her YouTube channel.

​2. Garden Fairy Makeup Tutorial

| Sherliza Moe

Garden fairies are among the gentlest of their kind. They live in your backyard in the company of garden gnomes between daffodil bushes and mushrooms. They are very small, almost invisible to the naked eye, colorful, glittery in the sunlight, and very, very, beautiful. And now, you can be one for Halloween. Do you want to know how? Just watch Sherliza Moe. She has knocked this tutorial out of the ballpark.

As far as fairy makeup ideas go, this beauty vlogger really knows what she’s doing. Therefore, if you want to dress up for Halloween as a very sugar sweet, pinky, glittery fairy, this is the place to learn how to do it. Find more of Sherliza’s tutorials on her YouTube channel.

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​3. Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

| KatesBeautyStation

Please don’t judge us, but this one is our favorite. Not only is Kate an absolutely delicious vlogger to watch, but her glamorous take on the evil fairy is everything we’ve ever hoped for. Can we, please, wear this makeup in real life, too? No? Alright.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to put it on as well. She uses a beautiful plum mauve base and matches her lips to her eyes with a glittery neon midnight blue. Evidently, evil, bushy, witchy eyebrows are in order, which you’ll have to draw on, as are glamorous false eyelashes. This dark fairy is not one to be crossed but, boy is she pretty!

​Find more from this awesome vlogger on her YouTube channel.

From woodland fairy to sugary sweet, pink garden fairy to dark and glamorous evil fairy, we’ve got you covered this Halloween when it comes to fairy makeup ideas. All you need to do now is try them all out before the big day and let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite.


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