Just like with any kind of makeup, give eyeshadow for hazel eyes some thought and you’ll make people around you unable to keep their eyes off, well, your own. Hazel is a truly special eye shade which contains multiple other hues. Depending on what color you opt for when applying eye makeup, you can switch up the final result in a way that makes different aspects of your irises pop out.

So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll attempt to clear up one of the greatest makeup issues of all time. What eyeshadow color is right for my eye shade? This time, in hazel eyes edition.

Top 4 Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes Combinations

#1 Gold

Hazel eyes contain beautiful speckles of gold, so it seems pretty obvious that you should incorporate the color in your makeup routine to really make it pop. This will create a fantastic balance with the other undertones of your eyes, making them look enigmatic, like a canvas with splatters of color.

You can check out the video below for a great makeup tutorial for a killer look. Although the intention is for brown eyes, the final result on gold-speckled irises will be smashing.

#2 Green

Following up the previous reasoning, if you’d prefer to enhance the greens in your eyes instead, just use green. The best shade to use would be something minty, our personal recommendation being the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in GR 711. There are many looks you can pull off, so it all depends on what kind of finish you’d like.

For the tutorial section, we’re looking at a look which incorporates both gold and green into a beautiful evening smoky which can really make hazel eyes stand out.

#3 Mauve Pink

Now we’re starting to talk about the contrasts which can make your eye colors stand out. Pinks work really well, but soft mauves really compliment them in a natural way. Actually, it’s probably one of the best options for a soft finish that will still do its job right. Speaking of which…

This video entails a tutorial that will teach you how to achieve a romantic and elegant look using the subtle effectiveness of mauve pink.

#4 Eggplant

We continue with the contrasts by recommending one of the clearer-defined ones. This particular shade of deep, dark purple is the perfect smoky eye for all the hazel shades out there. It’s really pretty, unique, and it will compliment your eyes in a way that will make you never want to take the makeup off.

As per usual, here’s a tutorial to serve as inspiration. P.S. It’s also a one-brand one, so you won’t need to scout the market too intensely in case you don’t own some of the products mentioned here.

Wrapping Up

We’ve merely enlisted the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes, but everything else regarding the practical side of it falls right into your hands. Experiment with fun color combinations; the pink and eggplant shades might make for a stunning gradient if you’re bold enough to play around with it.