Before getting into this article, there is something that everyone who has black or dark brown eyes should know: these colors are not boring! Some of the most beautiful people on the planet have dark-colored eyes. Actually, brown and black are the most versatile colors which can be enhanced using makeup. You can use a large variety of colors and shades because they all tend to look amazing. The key here is to create depth and dimension using various eyeshadow combinations. So, to help you, we have chosen some beautiful combinations of eyeshadow for black eyes or dark brown ones for you to try out.

Having brown or black eyes doesn’t mean being ordinary. The same way that having green or blue ones don’t make you extraordinary or any special. This should always come from the inside. However, there are always small tricks that you can use to make your look even more appealing and your eyes even more attractive and mysterious. The following combinations might seem simple, this is why you should try them out, but they are incredibly effective. So, here are our top picks of eyeshadow for black eyes or dark brown ones. Enjoy!

1.      Rose Gold Smoky Eyes

This is one of the more unusual combinations for black or dark brown eyes. Basically, it’s a simple smoky eye but without the black and the grey (which, by the way, also work amazing for dark eyes), but with dark browns and a little bit of rose gold shimmer. To achieve this look, simply do a classic smoky eye using various shades of brown. Then, add a hint of rose gold in the middle of your upper eyelid for some extra sparkle. You can use a pigment or a wet brush with a shimmery eyeshadow. Finally, put on some falsies and draw an eyeliner wing and voila! Don’t forget to repeat the same steps on your lower lash line!

2.      Purple All The Way!

The color wheel is key here because dark shades combine incredibly well with purples and lavenders. To make your job easier, pick out a palette that only has purple shades in it and use it for your looks. This will provide you with enough choices, but not too many either. It’s up to you to discover the most suitable shades for your eye color, whether it is dark brown or even black. For example, you can use matte lavenders during the day, and eggplant shades for the night, to darken and smoke out the look.

3.      Oranges And Browns

Shades of orange, brown, copper, and bronze also work incredibly well with dark-colored eyes. Orange is actually a transitional shade that you can wear all year round, not only in the fall. So, if you feel bold enough, you can try a look with bright shades. Or, you can do a combination of oranges, browns, and even black for a mysterious look. It’s up to you!

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our combinations of eyeshadow for black eyes and dark brown ones? Will you try them? Remember, these are just some suggestions because almost any color out there will look good on black and dark brown eyes. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Image source: pixabay