Voluminous lashes for that diva-like, super glam look. So many people want to achieve this that they’ve started to consider a slightly more permanent solution. Here you will find the eyelash extensions pros and cons that you probably need to explore before you make the decision of committing or not.

An Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

First things first, eyelash extensions aren’t one and the same with false eyelashes.

False lashes are typically a one-time kind of application which covers up your real ones as well. On the other hand, the extensions, as the name suggests, are little hairs applied to your real lashes’ extension. The most notable difference, however, is the fact that they last much longer – up to 12 weeks in a best case scenario.

The procedure for this type of cosmetic improvement costs somewhere between $100 and $500 depending on the salon and the type of extensions you’re getting.

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

PRO: Natural Look

Obviously, the main benefit is the fact that you will be able to avoid the slightly artificial look of false lashes, boosted by the presence of the visible band across your eyelid. Your look will be natural, yet sufficiently dramatic to really make people admire their glamorous vibes.

CON: High Maintenance

Here’s some really bad news for those of you who barely have any time on your hands to breathe. You will need to pay visits to your cosmetician’s once every couple of weeks or so to fill your lashes in. This can be incredibly time consuming. It can be even more time consuming than other basic cosmetic interventions such as hair dyeing or manicure, clearly.

PRO: Shorter Makeup Routine

On the other hand, if you don’t mind filling your lashes in every so often, you do manage to save some time with these extensions. More precisely, time in the morning when you get ready to hit the road. You’ll wake up every morning with voluminous and thick lashes, meaning that you can subtract the mascara and false lash application from your makeup routine.

CON: Raised Expenses

Since you’ll have to undergo several lash-filling sessions, this means you’ll need to save up money to pay for them too. However, these aren’t the only expenses you’ll need to consider. You might need to avoid certain oil-based cleansers or face products that could damage your eyelashes. So, if you typically use them, you’ll have to open your wallet and acquire new cosmetics so you can keep your extensions healthy.

PRO: Rapid Results

Anyone wishing to grow out their lashes naturally may sometimes resort to various serums and treatments that can help them achieve just that. Extensions, however, provide the same results, except it takes you a couple of hours to accomplish them instead of a few weeks.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully that was enough eyelash extensions pros and cons to help you reach a conclusion in case you haven’t gotten to one yet. The major conclusion we can draw is the fact that they’re a really quick solution to achieve a natural look, but the expenses and high maintenance might be off-putting.