Our eyebrows define our features, and any woman would like to take proper care of them, choosing between eyebrow threading vs waxing. However, the same question pops up in everyone’s head: which technique is the best? In what follows, we will find out which one of the two is better.

If you are used to plucking your eyebrows, you may want to try these two techniques too. When having bushy eyebrows, both techniques can help you. However, you should know that both methods have their pros and cons.

Eyebrow threading

This technique involves taking two pieces of cotton thread and wrapping them around the hairs that need to be removed. Then, in just one movement they will be removed. This is meant to be a fluid process, using a scissoring motion. Therefore, you can remove the unwanted hairs from the follicle.


When using this method, no dangerous chemicals are involved. In this way, you avoid dangerous dyes, artificial fragrances, carcinogenic parabens, and resins. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, threading is a better alternative than waxing. Waxing can cause severe irritation. However, when threading your eyebrows, you barely touch your skin. Another advantage of using this technique is that threading is much faster. What is more, it even lasts longer than waxing. Your hair will start growing in three to four weeks.


One of the disadvantages here is that threading does not require a license. Therefore, the person helping you during the hair removal process is not a professional. If a mistake occurs or if this procedure is incorrectly performed, your hair will grow even faster.

If you prefer regular threading instead of waxing or plucking, then you should know that you will need to let your hair grow. You cannot thread them as soon as they start to be visible.

Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading vs waxing can be more painful, but it does not irritate your skin.

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Eyebrow waxing

Waxing can help you remove unwanted hair in your eyebrows. You need to apply hypoallergenic wax, following the contour of your eyebrows. Before the wax hardens, you apply a washcloth or paper to remove it.


Waxing can hurt less than threading since threading implies removing the hairs much slower. Therefore, waxing reached to be a very popular technique because it is fast and less painful. During waxing, your skin won’t be pinched, as it usually happens when threading. That is why most people prefer to use this method when it comes to hair removal.


The most unpleasant disadvantage is that this technique can cause severe irritation if you have sensitive skin. The irritation may also be accompanied by redness, and it may also determine allergic reactions. You need to pay attention to the composition of the wax before using it because it may feature dangerous chemicals. Eyebrow waxing can trigger the occurrence of premature wrinkles due to the repeated pulling and tugging.

Summing up

Eyebrow waxing may be considered better than eyebrow threading only if you do not have sensitive skin and if you are completely sure that the components of the wax are totally safe. However, you may want to alternate waxing with plucking to avoid to regularly pull and tug your lids. Threading is more expensive, and it does not guarantee that your hair is pulled from the follicles. Next time you take care of your eyebrows, make a smart choice!

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