There are two different strategies women use when they purchase a new nail polish or choose one at the salon. Some women pick the first color they see, feeling rushed or under pressure. Others try different shades on different nails until they think they have found the right one. No matter which way you use, it is hard to choose the proper shade to match your skin tone, especially because there are endless color options. Essie nail polish is a trendy brand, being a salon premium cosmetic product. Let’s see which are the trendiest shades launched by this popular brand.

 The Best Shades of Essie Nail Polish You Should Consider

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1. Ballet Slippers

As you are about to discover, the interesting and cool fact about Essie brand is that it launched different shades with unique and feminine names. Ballet Slippers is one of them, being a blush pink shade. It matches all seasons, and it has become an award-winning polish. This pastel color will offer you sophisticated look and a seductive appearance. It can even be used in French style manicures.

2. Eternal Optimist

This is a creamy floral shade, which, like all the other Essie bottles, costs nine dollars. It goes perfectly with skinny jeans and cotton sweaters. The company representatives have described this color as “spiced tea rose combined with a dash of cream.” As you have probably guessed, this shade is perfect for cold winter months, while you sit in a bohemian coffee shop with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

3. Mademoiselle

This reminds us of a classic French manicure, being a girly and feminine shade. Plush pink is extremely chic, and it is an appropriate polish to wear every day at your workplace. It is an elegant color that doesn’t attract any unwanted attention. You can never go wrong by choosing this Essie nail polish.

4. Mint Candy Apple

Even though you might associate candy apple colors with fall, Essie has found a great way to transform it into an all-season shade. The company did this by making a minty pastel shade. This fruity hue will make your fingertips look sweet and delicate. This is a treat that beats any trick if you know what I mean.

5. Smokin’ Hot

For those of you who dare more, this Essie nail polish brings back the sexy effect. It combines gray color with purples undertones, for a bolder look. This shade is the perfect replacement of regular black nails. Even though you will have a more powerful look, this color will not offer you a strong gothic air.

6. To Buy or Not to Buy

Yes, that’s right, Essie has come up with a nail polish color named after a well-known question. It will offer your nails a calm lavender effect. This shade highlights tranquility, and it is a great option during spring months. However, you can also wear it in all seasons. It matches a Zen attitude perfectly.

Putting It All Together

Essie nail polish offers a wide variety of shades from pastel pinks to plums and glittery colors. The brand was initially launched in 1981, and since then it has gained a lot of popularity. If you want to buy a shade of Essie polish, it will be very hard to choose just one, believe me. This is why, we have highlighted six different shades, for you to discover which one matches your skin tone and personality better.

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