Essential oils for acne are an effective remedy and a great alternative to pills and other chemicals. They are called essential for a reason. Even though they are totally natural, these solutions can be heavy on your skin, especially if it is a sensitive one. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make the best out of using these treatments. Follow our tips and recommendations to have a healthy and acne-free skin.

5 Tips On How to Use Essential Oils for Acne

facial massage to improve blood circulation

Some Oils Work Better Than Others

Some oils can be used for plenty of problems, and other products work best for specific issues such as acne or skin conditions. So, which are the best essential oils for acne? Well, according to specialists and reviews, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, and rosemary oils are the best ones for curing acne. You don’t have to stick to these four oils, though. Try whatever works for your skin type. These remedies might not have the same results for everybody.

Essential Oils for Acne Work Best When Used in The Evening

Oil cleansing should be done in the evening. Then is when you come back from work, and you take your makeup off. Let your skin breath for a while, then rinse it with warm water before applying the oil. Your face will not only become acne-free, but it will also be smoother. Hydrating your skin makes it produce less sebum and damaging oils.

Follow A Three-Step Process When Applying Essential Oils for Acne

First of all, you need your face to be totally clean before applying the oil. Use a cotton pad and a makeup remover to brush off all traces of beauty cosmetics. If you want an easier and quicker way, you can use special cleaning wipes. Secondly, prepare a mix of essential oils and apply them on your face. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. Last, but not least, rinse your face with warm water. You can even use a mild hydrating soap to remove all the extra oil.

Combine Essential Oils for Acne with Other Ingredients for Better Results

This method works better if you mix or dilute it with other ingredients such as coconut milk, jojoba or Aloe Vera gels. How should you prepare this treatment? It is quite simple. Put some essential oil in a small bowl and place it in a pot filled with water. Warm it up until the oil melts and then wait for it to cool off. When it reaches the room’s temperature, mix it with those other ingredients I mentioned above. Now, you have the perfect combination, and you’re ready to start applying it.

Massage Your Face While Applying Essential Oils for Acne

Facial massages increase the benefits of essential oils. Pollution along with other life aspects such as lack of sleep and stress can damage your skin. Massaging it while applying the oil improves your blood circulation and makes the skin absorb the treatment quicker. Furthermore, this is a great way to relax and enjoy some quiet moments with yourself. Avoid rubbing your face too much because this might make it irritated and red.

Final Words

Essential oils for acne are a great natural alternative to other cosmetic products that might be filled with chemicals. Treatments such as lavender, tea tree or chamomile oils cure your acne scars and prevent further skin damage. Try to follow our recommendations when preparing and applying this kind of solution. All our tips are useful, and they will increase the oils’ benefits.

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