Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara Review

endlessly beautiful natural organic mascara review

If you are the type of woman who loves to look great, use cosmetic products and keep her eyes safe, then you should know you are not alone in the world. My problems with wearing eye makeup (color, eyeliners, mascara, and the likes) began a few years ago. I got a bad eye infection on both my eyes. While my doctors managed to cure it, both my eyes became very sensitive to whatever ended up in them or near them. If you ever put on mascara or eyeliner only to cry for minutes and feel like pulling your eyes out with a fork just to end the itching and the inflammation, then you know what I am talking about.

I am not a stranger to organic cosmetic and beauty products. On the contrary, I prefer them to brands and labels. I also prefer cruelty free products and, if possible, local businesses I like very much to support, especially if they offer good, reliable, high quality products.

I am the type of woman that needs some eye makeup on a daily basis; otherwise, I look like a child. It is not always good for business. I would also like to wear makeup on special occasions without ending up in a bathroom washing the tears away together with the products.

For this reason, I sat myself down and began a thorough research on the best drugstore mascara products in the organic department. I soon found the Endlessly Beautiful organic mascara in brown, just how I wanted it, and it convinced me. In fact, the positive reviews convinced me to buy and try it.

​Now I have been using it for about two months, on almost a daily basis, and I can tell you a few things to consider about it should you be interested in a purchase.

​Things to Consider before Buying the Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara

Since the infection of my eyes, I am very careful with their health and wellbeing. I wear sunglasses during all seasons, to protect my eyes from dust, particles, pollen, and anything that may reach them. I use the mildest creams for dark circles and fine lines, I wash them with ophthalmologic serum, and I keep them safe from chemicals as much as possible.

The idea of organic mascara smiled at me one day. I was thinking about organic face creams when I wondered whether there are organic drugstore mascaras as well. There were plenty. I chose the brown Endlessly Beautiful organic mascara (because I usually wear brown mascara) because it promised amazing lashes and no side effect whatsoever. Now that I fully convinced I made the right choice, I want to share some things with you.

  • Possible side effects: You should not experience any (I did not), but I read some reviews about itchy eyes or uncomfortable eyelids. My advice is to immediately stop using any product that triggers allergies, skin problems or discomfort.

  • Hold: The mascara is great for everyday use. It can hold from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. without problems. If you feel you need to refresh it mid-day, I guess it is fine as well. I avoid rubbing my eyes, therefore my two morning coats worked very well. I only refreshed it when I also went out after the working hours.

  • Efficiency: If you want a smudge-free, flaking-free, heavy-free mascara, this may be exactly what you have been looking for in a day-to-day mascara. It is unpretentious and it covers your lashes well. You may have some troubles with the wand, however, but I will explain more immediately.

  • Number of coatings: I would recommend you use two coatings as you would normally. You can use three coatings if you like, but I think two will be enough.

  • Pigmentation: This mascara offers you good coverage and amazing pigmentation. The product comes in black as well as in the brown I chose. I think the black version works as well as the brown one. You will get smooth, long, voluminous lashes that will make your eyes pop all day long.

  • Removal: Remember that this is not waterproof, but water resistant nonetheless. You will safely remove it with your usual makeup remover or a cotton pad with water.

Who Should Buy This Drugstore Mascara

If you have sensitive eyes or you wear glasses/contact lenses, this organic mascara may be the right one for you.

Natural Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful, Black - Vegan & Gluten Free - Nourishes and...
  • STRENGTHENS & CONDITIONS - Our 100% Natural, 85% Organic Vegan and Gluten Free...
  • GENTLE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA - No artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances.
  • SOFT, FULL, LUSH LASHES - Adds volume and length to eyelashes evenly and...

Who Should Not Buy This Drugstore Mascara

 Women who want waterproof mascara or women who want some more traditional makeup.

​Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara

​This Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara comes with a smooth, silky texture that looks natural. You will like the elongation and volumizing effect. The nice issue – especially for an organic mascara – is that it does not smudge or smear above or under your eyes. It keeps its hold for many hours. Surely, you should not rub your eyes with your hands or accidentally splash them with water. I have to talk about the wand a little here. It is a bit short and may pose some problems to some. I had to get used to it and I did, very fast, but you may consider it a drawback.


  • Organic and containing natural ingredients
  • Great lash cover and pigmentation
  • Great hold


  • Not waterproof
  • May lead to some unpleasant effects
  • Wand is a bit too short

​Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara Features and Benefits

I started using mascara and had no bad experience with it, no matter if I used designer ones or drugstore ones. Since my eye infection, however, I am very careful with everything that touches my eyes. I avoid dust, wind, pollution, smoke, and cosmetics – as much as a person can avoid all that.

The thing that convinced me to use this mascara was its formula. A mild, natural, and organic one, which promised good hold, coverage, length and volume all day long. The price is affordable so I decided I could engage in such an experiment. I was not disappointed.

Now let me tell you some of the things I appreciated most about this mascara.

  • Excellent for sensitive eyes. It works great and it does not causes itchiness, redness, or discomfort, even if it accidentally gets in your eyes.

  • Excellent for glasses / contact lenses. I sometimes wear glasses for the computer and sunglasses almost daily, even in winter. There will be no spider eyes or glass/contacts nuisances.

  • It dries well and fast. Being organic, I assumed it will dry harder and it will smudge and smear. I for one did not experience any of these issues.  

  • The formula makes your lashes look voluminous and long – sexy if you like the word better.

  • The formula comes with great benefits for your lashes. The formula is 100% natural, 85% organic, vegan and gluten free. It also comes with eyelash conditioning and strengthening ingredients, including chamomile, Vitamin E, coffee powder, and sunflower seed oil among others.
  • The formula is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. However, if you experience any type of discomfort, wash it away with care.  

  • The mascara is somewhat water resistant, although it is not waterproof.

  • The mascara is cruelty free. I care much about such things and I am very happy to have found a product not tested on animals.
  • The mascara is made in the USA. I wholeheartedly support our local entrepreneurs, especially when they offer high quality prices.

  • It is affordable. This may not be the cheapest cosmetic product you ever found online, but it brings good value for its money.

​Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara




​Ease of use


Final Score


Social Proof

​As I said, I bought this mascara after carefully browsing the Internet for organic mascaras and the best drugstore mascaras I could find in the natural and safety departments. The good reviews on this product convinced me to buy this one and so far, I have nothing to reproach it. On the contrary, I think it is a good product and you should choose the color you think best suits your needs.

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​Alternatives to the Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara

When you start looking for a product online, you will learn about others, equally interesting. I want to show you a few so you can make an educated choice.

This mascara also comes with positive reviews and I loved how women spoke highly of it.

Who Should Use this Mascara

Women with allergies, sensitive eyes, women who wear contact lenses and want an organic approach to cosmetics.

Mia Adora Mascara vs. Endlessly Beautiful Mascara Comparison

  • Both are organic and containing natural ingredients;
  • Both share the same price;
  • Mia Adora is non-toxic, environmental free;
  • Endlessly Beautiful adds more volume and length to eyelashes;
  • Mia Adora is also water resistant, but not waterproof.

If you want an alternative to the Endlessly Beautiful, check out the Mia Adora organic mascara to make the best choice for you!

The Naturally Rooted Organic Mascara is also a crowd favorite. You can read some reviews and make your own opinion about it. I think it is a very interesting alternative to the Endlessly Beautiful mascara.

Who Should Use this Mascara

Women who want paraben free, dye free, gluten free, and cruelty free mascara.

Naturally Rooted Mascara vs. Endlessly Beautiful Mascara Comparison

  • Both are organic;
  • Naturally Rooted is 100% natural, 85% organic and it is cruelty free;
  • Naturally Rooted is cheaper;
  • Naturally Rooted also contains lash conditioner;
  • Naturally Rooted is also water resistant but not waterproof.

If you want an alternative to the Endlessly Beautiful mascara, check out the Naturally Rooted Organic Mascara!

This is another great entry on the best drugstore mascara products area. While it is not organic, it contains plenty of interesting ingredients to make it a safe choice.

Who Should Use this Mascara

Women who want lavish eyelash growth and volumizing, waterproof and smudge proof mascara.

Hairgenics Lavish Lash HD vs. Endlessly Beautiful Mascara Comparison

  • Hairgenics is not organic;
  • Hairgenics is hypoallergenic, allergy tested and dermatologically tested;
  • Hairgenics helps enhance the length, volume and thickness of your lashes;
  • Both share the same price;
  • Hairgenics has an FDA certification.

If you feel you want to try a more traditional mascara for awesome lashes, the Hairgenics Ultra-Premium Volumizing Fiber mascara may be the one you were looking for!

Natural Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful, Black - Vegan & Gluten Free - Nourishes and...
  • STRENGTHENS & CONDITIONS - Our 100% Natural, 85% Organic Vegan and Gluten Free...
  • GENTLE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA - No artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances.
  • SOFT, FULL, LUSH LASHES - Adds volume and length to eyelashes evenly and...


I gave this product a full five stars rating because I loved everything about it. My lashes became longer, more voluminous, sexier, more feminine – and all these without paying the price to sensitivity. It is a good mascara for daily use, as it is smudge-proof, smear-proof, and water-resistant. The conditioner inside allows you to get healthier lashes. It is great for sensitive eyes and for women wearing contacts or glasses. No more spider eyes! I loved the pigment, the silky texture well covering the lashes and the good hold. If you get past the short wand that may pose you some troubles at first, you will be pleased with this product. If you are also in favor of cruelty free and non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, this product is a good idea to consider.

I bought this product to protect as much as I can my sensitive eyes. Since the infection episode, I try to keep them free and safe from chemicals. This mascara, while it may lead to some discomfort in some people, did a great job for me. I would recommend you test the product before putting it on your lashes in case you have sensitive skin, allergies, or a vulnerability to cosmetics in general.  

If you want solid waterproof mascara, you should also look at the alternatives I offered, although organic mascaras are not waterproof in general. However, if you want to play things safe, I recommend you try this one.

Are there other organic best drugstore mascara options on the market? Yes, there are. Some may be cheaper than others may, but the Endlessly Beautiful comes with a great balance between price and quality. I think this mascara is a great way for teenagers to walk the cosmetic path.   

In conclusion, if you want a great product with visible great results, try the Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara! You will not regret your choice, especially if you want great mascara for sensitive eyes that does not clash against your contact lenses or your glasses!


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