A Paris-style chignon that you can do in 25 steps. Two fishtail braids that go around your head like a crown and that take an hour and a half to make. A top knot just like the one Emma Watson wore on the red carpet. Yes, but who actually has the time and patience for all of these things? Here are five easy casual hairstyles that you can wear every day and that you actually have time for.

1. The Headscarf

A very simple trick for transforming a casual ponytail into a glamorous and chic hairdo is by adding a headscarf to it. There are hundreds of ways in which you can tie it up. Look for inspiration on places like YouTube or Pinterest or get creative yourself. Typically, headscarves are not expensive, so you can buy more than one and keep them handy whenever you feel lazy about your hair. However, you can have a total diva moment and get yourself a luxury item, like a Hermes one.

easy casual hairstyles headsccarf

2. The Topknot

The half up half down hairstyle is truly among the easiest you can pull off. Not to mention the fastest. Are you in a hurry but you still want to look cool and hip? Great. Take a few front strands on each side of the face and tie them up in a loose knot on top of the head. Tease it out a bit using a soft brush, to make it look messy. As for the rest of the hair, you can leave it be. Otherwise, you can use your curling wand or flat iron to get some beach waves.

easy casual hairstyles top knot

3. The Ponytail

Is there any girl in the world who doesn’t rely on the ponytail as part of her basic ritual? These easy casual hairstyles are, probably, the first ones we learn as little girls. It’s also our go-to solution when we simply don’t know what to do with our hair. One way to kick the ponytail up a notch is to tease it up a little so that you can add more volume to it. Or spray some dry conditioner into it for the same extra body effect.

easy casual hairstyles ponytail

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4. The Painter’s Knot

Here’s a casual hairstyle that allows you to be as messy as you want. This one is truly the option to go to on a Monday morning when the last thing you want to do is hair and makeup. All you have to do is tie up some of the front strands in a messy knot at the back of the head. Run a brush through the rest of the hair and voila! You have an artistic painter’s knot going on.

easy casual hairstyles painter's knot

5. The Bubble Braid

This might seem complicated, but trust us, it’s not. We’re just as lazy as you are and we’ve found a loophole when it comes to artsy hair. It seems intricate when, in fact, it’s as easy as one, two, three. It’s called a bubble braid because the segments between the ties need to be pulled and teased a bit until they became almost round in shape, like bubbles. Use hair elastic to create them and two front strands to cover them up. You’re done. We told you it was easy.

easy casual hairstyles bubble braid

When it comes to easy casual hairstyles, busy girls know best. Whether it’s a bubble braid, a top bun or a painter’s knot, we’re all looking for the easiest way out simply because we love the comfort and we don’t have a lot of time. How about you? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know.

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