Dot contouring tutorials are one of the wonders of the modern world you need to see to believe. Equally exciting, educational, and aesthetically pleasing to watch, these tutorials have one thing in common – they are more addicting than late night shopping and a credit card! Watching the gorgeous ladies apply their contour makeup makes you understand why people loved pointillism so much. Don’t believe us? Take a quick peek at these three dot contouring tutorials and see for yourself!

1. The KatEyedTv Dot Contouring Tutorial

The lovely Katherine Rodriguez, whom you can find right here on Insta if you want to see more of her beauty pics, posted this outstanding tutorial on dot contouring. In the extensive and comprehensive 14-minute video, you can see her start off with a smoky eye already on. She uses makeup she received from Graftobian Makeup, namely a foundation and a pressed powder palette. The cool thing is that she begins by using a Nivea after shave balm for men as a primer and the results are remarkable. That’s it, no more spoilers!

2. The KellieSweet Tutorial

Is it possible to watch this girl on either one of her social media channels and not absolutely fall in love with her? No wonder her makeup tutorials start with fans that send her all their love. Well, we’re smitten with her and her dot contouring tutorial. It’s just four minutes long, exactly what you need because we know you don’t have any time to waste. Oh, did we also mention it’s for beginners? Ten love points to Kellie!

She used LA Pro Cream Concealer in Medium Beige and Espresso, and she also recommends that you use two different beauty sponges when you blend. Apart from that, she also used a Becca Highlighter in ‘Topaz’ and powder from Lancome in Suede. Talk about pampering yourself!

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3. The Valeria Loren Tutorial

This amazing seven-minute dot contouring tutorial from beauty queen Valeria Loren has elegance written all over it. And of course, it does. Have you seen this gorgeous girl’s instas? While scrolling through YouTube for some good dot contouring tutorials, we were attracted to this one for a reason. She says she wanted to try the dot technique because there are no rules to makeup and that we should have some fun with it. We agreed and started watching. And we’re really glad we did.

She starts off with her usual skin care routine which includes products like moisturizer and Mario Badescu facial spray and then she moves on to the actual makeup. This she does from scratch, much to our delight. Contouring is the result of a gorgeous palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which you are more than welcome to try! Valeria Loren, you rocked our world!

Final Words

Here are our top three choices as far as dot contouring tutorials go. Frankly, if you watch these three ladies, we don’t think you need anything else. Not only will you learn how to contour your face using the dot technique, but you will also find out about a lot of amazing skin care and makeup products that need to find their place in your goodie bag as soon as possible.

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