The elixir of so many people’s mornings can also be a real nemesis to dental health. We’ve been wondering: does coffee stain your teeth? And in our research for the answer, we found out that it unfortunately does. The good news? We also discovered that there are ways through which you can both treat and avoid these unpleasant aesthetic disasters. Read ahead if you’re curious to find out.

Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Yes, it does.

Experts dump the blame for this on a particular set of ingredients known as tannins. These substances are present in coffee, as well as in tea and wine. When interacting with the enamel, our teeth’s hardened protective shell, tannins favor the absorption of colored particles. Although the enamel is a sturdy layer, it’s not even and flat. The various pits and ridges found across its surface can end up storing colored particles within.

The risk is the biggest with dark-shaded beverages, which is why coffee, black tea, or red wine are the most likely to lead to the apparition of teeth stains. One of the first questions asked by people who just found out the harsh truth about their caffeine-based elixir is whether cream can change anything. Admittedly, cream does lighten up the color of the drink, but the pigments are still there. Therefore, unfortunately, creaming your coffee up doesn’t prevent it from staining your teeth.

But speaking of prevention, here is what you can do in this regard.

How to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth

Ideally, the most effective prevention method is quitting coffee and other drinks that stain teeth altogether, but we understand how that might be too much to ask. Rather, try these methods.

#1 Use a Straw

As strange or ridiculous as this may be, it really is the best way to avoid the complications that may come from being a coffee enthusiast. Drinking through a straw reduces the amount of liquid that comes in direct contact with your teeth – it’s as simple as that. Of course, you may feel slightly awkward enjoying your coffee through a straw, so stick to this habit while you’re alone. Alternatively, rejoice in the opportunities of summer and get iced coffee instead!

#2 Brush Frequently

A brush and toothpaste are the best way to maintain your dental health, coffee-caused stains included. Once you finish your cup of coffee, immediately head to the bathroom for a thorough brushing session. Use whitening toothpaste for maximum effects.

#3 Drink Water

For each cup of coffee, you should always keep a glass of water nearby. This isn’t just because coffee can dehydrate you, but because it can help you wash away the colored particles. For every few sips of coffee, chug down some water too.

#4 Drink Moderately

Dentists recommend no more than two cups of coffee a day. Moreover, rather than sipping at the same cup throughout the day, try finishing it as quickly as possible, so you can let your teeth “breathe.”

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, the answer to “does coffee stain teeth?” is yes. Fortunately, it’s a preventable affliction. All it takes is the will to see to your dental health.