Skin tags refer to small tissue flaps that appear mostly in certain areas such as eyelids, neck, arms, and more. You might think they are dangerous because they look weird. However, they don’t hide any known medical issues, and they also don’t cause pain or other symptoms. If you choose not to go to a doctor’s office to have them removed, you can also opt for DIY skin tag removal methods.

DIY Skin Tag Removal Recommendations

DIY skin tag removal methods

Avoid Getting Your Skin Tags Irritated

As I mentioned before, these skin flaps are totally painless and harmless. Though, you shouldn’t let clothes or other things make them irritated. Sometimes, these things can even cause bleeding on the tags’ surface. By taking this caution measure, you will make sure to avoid infections and other health problems.

Treat Skin Tags with Dental Floss

This is an effective DIY skin tag removal technique. It is also called ligation, and it works because it cuts off the blood circulation from the tag’s area. All you have to do is to take a small piece of dental floss and wrap it around your tag. Don’t cut it off right from the start. Instead, try to pull it little by little, every day. If you do this for a couple of weeks, you will soon start seeing results. The skin tag will finally dry up and fall off.

Freeze Your Skin Tag Away

This method works similarly with that of curing warts. Use liquid nitrogen as an effective DIY skin tag removal technique. Drugstores usually have removal kits that can easily be used at home. Apply it daily and wait for it to come off. You will probably have to be patient for a couple of weeks until the cure produces positive effects.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a small cotton ball and put some apple cider vinegar on it. Then, apply this solution on your skin tag for about three times per day. After several weeks the skin flap will fall off by itself. How do you measure results? Well, after only a couple of days you should see a change in the skin tag’s color. A darker color means the treatment works.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil fights against many skin conditions, including tags. It is one of the easiest DIY skin tag removal methods. First of all, clean your skin on and around the tag with water and soap. Then dry it off, and apply a couple of oil drops on the skin flap. Rub it gently until it gets absorbed. If you do this for at least three times each day, the skin tag will eventually fall off. You can dilute the oil with water to avoid getting your skin irritated.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of DIY skin tag removal methods. You can choose one from those described above. Pay attention to not irritate or make your skin tag bleed. These small skin flaps are usually harmless, and they don’t have any symptoms. Most people want to get rid of them because they can get stuck in clothes, and they also look ugly and weird.

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