Different kinds of braids can help you get your hair out of your face and cool down during the hot season. We all know that summer comes with hot temperatures and we don’t want our hair to stay in the way. If you are too tired of wearing your hair in a ponytail and you want a more sophisticated hairstyle, then you should take a look at our suggestions down below.

Regular French braid

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First, you start by brushing your hair using a boar bristle paddle brush. Then, use a comb to separate your hair into a “V” section that starts from your temples to the crown of your head. Split this section into three equal sections and start braiding. As you come down, towards the back of your head, make sure you incorporate more hair from each side of your head. Use a hair tie to secure your braid.

Dutch braid

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When making a Dutch braid, make sure you brush your hair carefully. Use a comb to separate your hair into a “V” section. Then, separate this section into three other sections and when you start braiding cross the sections of hair underneath one another. Do not cross them over each other because you will obtain a French braid, not a Dutch one. When you are done braiding, use a hair tie to secure the braid.

Rope braid

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Start by putting your hair into a ponytail. Separate the ponytail into two sections. Next, twist the two sections in the same direction.  Cross the two twisted sections over each other and use an elastic band to secure it. If you want to make sure you won’t have any stray strands, put some pomade on your fingertips before you start twisting the hair sections. In the end, you could also use some hairspray to secure your hairstyle.

Fishtail braid

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Separate your hair into two sections, instead of three like you would normally do for a regular braid. Hold these two hair sections in one hand, separated by your index finger, and grab a small piece of hair from the outside of one section using your other hand. Pull that strand over to the other half. Then, take a strand of hair from the outside of that section, braiding the opposite way.

When you reach the ends, use an elastic band to secure your braid. If you want a messy hairstyle, you could pull some strands, stretching out the braid.

Halo braid

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This hairstyle looks amazing! Separate your hair down the center. Starting from your forehead, on the left side of your head, start making a Dutch braid following your hairline. Continue braiding around your head until you reach the ends of your hair. Next, you should secure the ends under the braids using a hair tie and a bobby pin.

Waterfall braid

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Create a center part to make the hairstyle look more even. Start French braiding your hair from the right side of the part towards your temple. While holding the three strands and braiding, make sure you drop the outermost section which would normally cross over. In this way, when letting it fall, you create a waterfall effect.

Gathering our brushes

Learning how to do these different kinds of braids could help you decide on a new summer hairstyle which will make you look gorgeous. You should try out all of them since they are so easy to create.