Learn the difference between AHA and BHA and help your skin improve! An AHA is an alpha hydroxyl acid exfoliant, while a BHA is a beta hydroxyl acid exfoliant. Before learning which one works better, let’s learn why we need exfoliation in the first place.

We all know that our skin has a natural mechanism through which it exfoliates by itself. Every day, it sheds an ample amount of dead skin. However, over time, as we age, the shedding process might become slower. This slowdown occurs due to long periods of time of unprotected sun exposure. Furthermore, this can also be the consequence of clog-prone, dry, oily or combination skin.

The difference between AHA and BHA cal help you decide which is best for you

Mid-life changes could also add up to all these causes, becoming a disadvantage. If this natural exfoliation process is affected, then your skin starts looking older. That is why it is extremely important to exfoliate the dead skin buildup. In this way, you will diminish the chances for you to confront with one of the problems indicated above.

After the dead skin is removed, you will have a hydrated, soft, and beautiful skin. AHA and BHA exfoliants can help you get rid of the unwanted amount of dead skin, revealing the radiant skin underneath. They help disentangle the bonds which hold the dead skin on the surface longer than it should. Once the AHA and BHA formulas help destroy those bonds, the skin sheds naturally.

After seeing your skin shedding, the nice and smooth layer of skin will finally appear from underneath. To make sure that AHA and BHA exfoliants work as they should, you need to make sure that they are formulated featuring a narrow pH range, somewhere between 3 and 4. Furthermore, BHA and AHA exfoliants should also include some skin-soothing ingredients.

Both AHA and BHA help to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin look firmer. Moreover, they also increase the smoothness of your skin while hydrating it. Both types of exfoliants improve rough texture and uneven skin tone.

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The difference between AHA and BHA relies on the fact that BHA clears pores deeply.

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AHA and BHA products can help exfoliate the dead skin buildup

Nevertheless, these two types of exfoliants differ in many respects. AHAs can be mainly used for normal to dry skin, being water soluble. They can also help those with sun-damaged skin because they can improve natural moisturizing factors. On the other hand, BHA is oil soluble, being more suitable for normal to oily skin. Furthermore, it can also improve the bump-prone and clog-prone skin. It diminishes enlarged pores while also clearing them deeply.

People with skin prone to milia can also use BHA formulas. Both AHAs and BHAs work on the surface of the skin. However, BHA also helps to clear the pores, working to clear them deeply. BHA also contain some natural skin-calming properties being suitable for redness-prone skin. What is more, this formula is also suitable for sensitive skin.

If you cannot decide whether you should use only one of these two or even both, you should keep in mind that both of them offer amazing results to put an end to several skin problems. However, there is nothing wrong if you use both. You are the one who needs to decide.

Summing up, both AHA and BHA exfoliants can finally help you treat some of the most common skin problems in a matter of minutes, offering visible results.