Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Want to regain the freshness of your face? If you are not afraid of needles, dermal fillers might be the solution. They can eliminate the fine wrinkles from your eye line, forehead and even those around your mouth. You can say expression lines are similar to beauty marks, but when you aim for perfection, cosmetic treatments can be something you might try.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are cosmetic solutions that are injected into your skin. Their main purpose is an esthetic one. They are meant to reduce or even eliminate facial wrinkles. There are also other benefits when it comes to beauty injections. They can cover up the signs left by scars. These injectable treatments are either natural or synthetic.

If you are wondering how long do dermal filler last- we have the answer. Most of these treatments are only temporary. This is because our bodies tend to absorb almost every substance that is inserted in it. The usual period is approximately three months. After that, you will need to go to your esthetician for a new appointment.

Common Myths About Dermal Fillers

lip volume injections

It Is Painful

Well, this is not entirely true. Although you might feel a small discomfort, nowadays products have a lidocaine. This functions as an anesthetic. Also, some clinics use special needles. These injection tools don’t have a regular sharp tip. No pain, no gain, they say! This might be true in some cases, but it doesn’t apply here. Everything you will feel during the procedures will be supportable.

Face Muscles Will Become Stiff

Although it is true that if you exaggerate with these corrections, your face might be affected, dermal fillers don’t usually harm the way you look. Keep in mind that a sense of proportion is necessary. Don’t overdo it!  Otherwise, you will risk looking like a plastic doll. This is why it is important to find a good specialist who knows exactly what he/she is doing.

It Can Be Addictive

There is no such thing as a physical addiction when it comes to dermal fillers. However, these solutions are closely related to the way you feel about yourself. If your self-confidence is low, you might get psychologically addicted to these injections. Some people are never truly pleased with the way they look. This is why they are searching for a way to make them feel better. Excesses of any kind are bad for you, so pay attention when you feel unbalanced.

Dermal Fillers Are the Same as Normal Cosmetic Injections

Even though they are both used for similar reasons, they are not the same thing. Dermal fillers make corrections such as eliminating under-eye bags or increasing your lips’ volume. Normal injections made for aesthetic purposes are used as treatments against aging. They will reduce wrinkles by relaxing your facial muscles.

Final Thoughts

When choosing dermal fillers as a beauty treatment, don’t make your pick based on price alone. There are other important things you should consider, such as the doctor’s expertise, the services quality, and more. Gather recommendations from people you trust or go online and see real patients’ opinions on forums. Trust me; you don’t want to make a rash decision!

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