Using cuticle cream can contribute to stronger and healthier nails. This is the first sign that your cuticles should definitely benefit from special care. Furthermore, the very nature of these protective patches of skin has them pretty much begging for this kind of targeting attention. Discover in the next few paragraphs what cuticle creams do and why you can’t really compare them with your usual hand moisturizers.

What Is Cuticle Cream?

Cuticles are the protection barriers standing between your nails and the outside. More specifically, the actions of various external agents that could possibly damage them. When your cuticles function to the best of their abilities, they keep bacteria and other possible infection-causing germs at bay. Furthermore, healthy cuticles also favor healthy nails.

But as it is the case with skin in general, cuticles are also susceptible to drying up. Whether it’s the weather, the environmental pollution, or other factors that drain moisture out of the skin, cuticles need constant care as well. If this doesn’t happen, it can lead to brittle or easily damageable nails.

What’s the Difference?

As you may have concluded by now, cuticle cream is the most effective way to keep your cuticles nourished and healthy. They key word here is cuticles. As opposed to your average hand cream, this is a kind of treatment that specifically caters to the needs of the cuticles. This happens by providing natural oils and nutrients that keep them moisturized and protected. In other words, you won’t find the same nutrients in your daily hand cream.

If you really care for the health of your nails, start by treating them from the inside. And this step begins with the cuticles. As extreme (and even ridiculous) as it may sound, you will benefit a lot from using a hand cream and a cuticle cream specifically for the needs of your nails.

The Benefits of Using a Cuticle Cream

  • One of the main functions of cuticles is supervising and regulating the apparition and growth of new cells at the base of the nail. As already mentioned, in lack of properly “functioning” cuticles, these cells can break apart. Therefore, they create openings that allow for bacteria to slither inside. This is essentially an infection hazard and it can damage your nails in ways that are very difficult to fox.
  • Of course, aside from the health risks that dry cuticles pose, there’s always the aesthetic bit of it too. One of the main reasons why people choose to push back or remove cuticles is, in fact, to give their manicure a more pleasant appearance. However, if you care for your cuticles and keep them properly nourished, they will blend considerably better in your manicure and look much better. This is a particularly important alternative seeing how experts highly recommend against pushing back or removing cuticles.

Wrapping Up

Next time you’re out shopping, consider tossing a cuticle cream into your cart and start using it regularly alongside your usual hand cream. Keep your cuticles nourished to see your nails grow healthier and stronger. At the end of it all, you probably won’t ever let go of the cream.


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