There are a lot of so-called “hair hacks” out there that we simply love. Most of them are both pretty and easy to make. Others take so little time while looking so great that you are wondering whether or not you are gifted, or the hairstyle is simply too easy to create. Some of these hairstyles help you make the transition between long hair and short hair without the involvement of scissors. Now, it’s time to add one more “hair hack” to that list: the braided headband hairstyles.

These hairstyles are versatile and easy to create. They only require your own hair and occasionally, an elastic or a bobby pin. They are romantic and delicate, and work on both long and shorter hair. And because we have probably made you curious, we have chosen some of the prettiest and easiest to make such hairstyles that will transform your hair into the star of any party (or office) in no time. Here we go!

1.      The romantic braided headband

This first braided hairband hairstyle is probably one that you’ve seen a lot, whether it was in movies or simply on the street. It is extremely easy to make, and this even works for special occasions. You will simply have to take strands of your hair as you go along your head and make a simple braid. Secure it with bobby pins at the end, which should be somewhere behind your head. With the remaining hair, create a low bun and secure that with bobby pins too. To make sure that your hair will stay in one place, add some hairspray. This style is romantic and very easy to make, while also being convenient and wearable.

2.      The classic, long hair headband

This second style is the most classic one of them all. The basic idea is that from the previous style, but you won’t have to make a bun this time. You will simply need to leave your hair as it is and create some loose waves, if you want. It works with straight hair too, but the waves will make it even more romantic. You can also do either a French or a Dutch braid, it’s all up to you. At the back, you can secure the braid with bobby pins or you can use an elastic to tie it in with another strand of hair. Again, it’s all up to you and the look you want to achieve.

3.      The sexy braided headband

This final look is a bit sexier than the other ones. You will first need to create some bouncy curls that will add body to your hair. Then, taking strands from one side of your head, make a simple braid and place it across your head on the other side. Secure it in place with bobby pins and make sure that you cover those with some hair. Add some hairspray and that’s it. The hairstyle that you will get looks a lot more sophisticated than it actually is, but this is what is all about, right?

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our pretty and easy to create braided headband hairstyles? Will you try them from now on? You definitely should. Show us your results in the comment section down below!

Image source: flickr