Aren’t you tired of seeing all these gorgeous fishtail braid looks around the web and longing after them with no clue of how to get the look? Worry not, this is one great advantage of the wonder known as the Internet. YouTube is filled with comprehensive and thorough beauty tutorials of all kinds and this classy hairstyle is no exception. Continue ahead to discover a number of great YouTube tutorials which vary in video length and how accessible they are to the viewer. Here we go!

Top 6 Fishtail Braid Tutorials

#1 Kayley Melissa

Video Length: 8:09

This tutorial is about as standard as you can get if you’re someone looking for some beginner tips for tying the perfect fishtail braid. Kayley Melissa guides her viewers through the whole process, step by step, making it accessible for newbies and for people with advanced hair styling skills as well.

#2 Howcast

Video Length: 6:33

Here’s a different kind of video. This tutorial is most suitable from the perspective of someone trying to braid someone else’s hair. After all, the final result is tight and clean fishtail braid running down your back. It would be pretty difficult to achieve this look by applying it on yourself. So, if you’re more interested in learning how to apply this craftsmanship on someone else, you’re looking at the right tutorial.

#3 Missy Sue

Video Length: 5:44

For those ready to make the leap to the next level of braiding, YouTuber Missy Sue provides an excellent and comprehensive tutorial for a Dutch fishtail braid. Seeing how it’s a pretty advanced style, especially compared to the classic one, we recommend attempting this look once you’ve gotten the gist of the traditional fishtail braid first.

#4 Princess Hairstyles

Video Length: 3:37

Noticing how the more complex the hairstyle, the shorter the video? It’s understandable, seeing how any attempts at this twisted edge fishtail braid should come after mastering the technique of a classic braid first. Rightfully named Princess Hairstyles, this YouTube user shares her mastery regarding achieving this stellar and completely eye-catchy look.

#5 Sarah Nourse

Video Length: 6:55

This video gives, yet again, a twist to the traditional look by turning it into a stunning double Dutch fishtail braid look. So, not only do you need to master the classic braid first, but you also should go through the motions of the Dutch version beforehand as well.

#6 CarlyToffle

Video Length: 8:09

We’re going full circle with this one and returning to the roots – even beyond the roots. Because, hey, braiding your own hair isn’t that difficult… if you know how to do it. So, we just realized, what if someone doesn’t know how to do it? Luckily, there are generous people out there willing to share their expertise. In our case, said expertise is gracefully showcased in this tutorial.

Wrapping Up

The fishtail braid look continues to be chic and beautiful. So, if you’re looking for that one look to bring out your femininity, look no further. Browse through these tutorials and learn how to put it in practice.