From time to time, you are allowed to get nuts and draw crazy nail designs to make everyone wonder how you did it. Try out the most exquisite drawing to put on your nails, transforming simple nail polish into art. Always apply a base coat and a top coat and be very patient to draw all these designs.

Unbelievable Nail Art Compilation ● Best Nail Designs

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For the first design, apply the base coat and a white nail polish. Use a blue nail polish and large brush to design the blue waves. It will look even more amazing if you add little stickers, like a boat and a lighthouse. Get creative and use your craziest ideas!

To obtain the second crazy nail design, start by applying your base coat. Then, stick three thin stripes and apply a white nail polish. Remove the stickers and wipe the excess of nail polish on your finger. Grab an orange nail polish and a thin brush to design some small flowers. You will also need green nail polish for the leaves. You can use this design for a single nail or on all of them, depending on your preferences.

For the third nail design, apply your base coat and a white nail polish. Then, on a little sponge put yellow and green and press the sponge onto your finger nail to create an ombre effect with these 2 colors. Next, pick up your stickers and choose the craziest one for your colorful nails. Do not forget about your top coat.

Amazing Nail Art Compilation

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Start by applying your base coat. Then, use a sponge to apply different colors on them to obtain a rainbow fading effect on your nails. Pick up your thin brush and a black nail polish and start designing a dream catcher. You will need a lot of patience, but the design will look amazing.

For the second crazy nail design, what about trying to draw all the animals at the zoo? Apply a base coat and then use a sponge to obtain a faded effect when mixing your favorite colors. Then, grab your thin brush and a black nail polish. Start to carefully design a lion, a monkey, a giraffe or whatever animals you’d like.

For the next nail art design, apply your base coat and a yellow nail polish. Then, grab a thin brush and start designing colorful bears of different sizes from the Sour Patch Kids show. Isn’t this crazy? But it will surely look amazing. Since we are so playful, how about a Sponge Bob design? Make sure you draw the characters on a  blue background. You will need plenty of patience to design Patrick and Sponge Bob, but when you see the result, you will know that it’s worth it.

If you want something even crazier, how about a puzzle? Paint your nails with white nail polish and then use a thin brush and black nail polish to design the puzzle pieces. Fill in every piece with a different color.

Crazy Nail Designs: The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation


Since we are living the summer of 2017, how about some palm trees on your fingernails? Paint your nails whatever color you’d like, preferably orange or pink. On the nails where you want to draw the palm trees, you should opt for a white or black nail polish. Use a thin brush and design the trees.

If you want your nails to look more fun and cute, try drawing some fruits. First, apply your base coat and a white nail polish and then grab your thin brushes because your need to be precise when drawing a pineapple and the rest of the fruits. However, if you want to, you can only draw a single fruit on one of your nails.

Gathering out brushes

All these crazy nail designs will color your summer! Purchase all the stickers and nail polish you will need to obtain the most spectacular manicures! All your friends will go crazy about your nails.

Image Source: Pinterest