Skin allergies are highly unpleasant at best and completely dreadful at worst. But what’s truly terrible is the fact that you might end up with a serious allergic reaction from the strangest of sources. The sad truth is that you can’t even take a bath using that nicely-smelling shower gel you’ve just bought without risking a skin rush and an avalanche of tear-jerking sneezes.

Even though people react differently to allergens, there are certain ingredients and compounds which cause reactions more than the others. That being said, here are the ones that you should be looking out for as potential allergens.

7 Cosmetic Ingredients Which Can Cause Skin Allergies

#1 Fragrance

True, fragrance isn’t just one particular ingredient. But, generally speaking, it’s a formulaic compound that is often the cause of allergic reactions. If you read the label and see the word ‘fragrance’ in there, it likely means that the product contains synthetic substances. And these substances can really take a toll on your skin, so be careful.

#2 Shea Butter

Don’t live with the misconception that it’s only the synthetic ingredients which can really mess with your health. Shea butter is a really common inclusion in a number of products, but it can also be a hazard to anyone with a nut allergy. Yes, it’s actually possible.

#3 Emollients

Again, it’s not just one particular ingredient, but a category of ingredients whose intended purpose is to make your skin feel good and nourished. Ironically, the very same compounds can do the complete opposite, splattering all kinds of rashes and allergic reactions over your skin. Examples of emollients include coconut butter, cocoa butter, and lanolin.

#4 Triclosan

Triclosan is mostly found in a certain type of soaps with strong antibacterial properties. If you have sensitive hands, this might not be the best option for you. Even though it seems like a tempting pick if you’re a huge germaphobe, the health of your hands isn’t really worth it, trust us.

#5 Acids

Salicylic acid, retinoids, glycolic acid, azelaic, lactic acid, etc. What they all have in common is that their actions of essentially tearing through your skin to better it can have the opposite result. It’s not really difficult to believe that these strong compounds with such drastic actions can end up doing more harm than good, though, right?

#6 Parabens

Being allergic to parabens would honestly be a proper nightmare. This is because you can hardly pick up a random product off the shelves without finding out that it contains parabens. These compounds are popular preservatives, favored by many in the cosmetic industry because of their stability and affordable prices.

#7 Sulfates

Sulfates such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium laurel sulfate are chemicals. They all end up causing skin and eye irritations pretty frequently. You can find these compounds in anything from detergents to soaps, shampoos, and shower gels.

Wrapping Up

The best way to know if you’re prone to skin allergies caused by any of these ingredients is by undergoing a professional allergy testing. Otherwise, you might just end up finding out in the worst possible way: by using them.