You probably know a friend who always has lots of hair questions, and they never seem to know what to do with it. That friend has another friend who has even more questions. Then there’s you, who probably has more questions about your hair than your friends combined. So, what’s to be done here? Read and pay attention! We have asked Mark Townsend, who is a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City and a spokesman for Dove, to answer some of the most common hair questions that experts usually receive from clients.

So, here are the answers for some of the most common hair questions, given by an expert. Enjoy!

Can My Hair Make Me Look Younger?

Well, not really. Botox usually does that, Townsend thinks. However, if you truly want to acquire a more youthful appearance, choose bangs. This is the best alternative for someone who may want to hide some wrinkles on the forehead. Then, a side-swept fringe is one of the most versatile options too. Advice would be not to cut your hair short! Wearing your hair identically every day can give people the impression of aging. Instead, go for shoulder-length hair. As for the color, warm things up with shades of gold and your entire appearance will look more youthful.

How Can I Get More Volume?

Townsend says that people that have oily hair at the roots and dry at the ends should never shampoo every day. That gets rid of oils and instead, your scalp will produce even more to make up for that loss. Wait a day between washes and only apply conditioner from the middle towards the ends of the hair. As for the volume part, dry shampoo is the best solution! It gets rid of excess oil while adding volume to the roots. Hold the spray bottle about ten inches away from your roots. Otherwise, your hair might become white. Then, brush any excess off.

How Can I Prevent Frizz?

Many people make the mistake of leaving their conditioner in and avoid rinsing it out in the hope of taming the frizz. That’s not a good idea because it will only dry out your hair. The best solution would be a frizz-fighting cream, which is heavier than a serum, to weigh it down. Apply it on damp hair from the roots to the ends, with your fingers. After that, blow-dry your hair using a round brush. Only use a flat iron when it’s humid out. Otherwise, avoid it because it can cause serious damage.

Summing It All Up

So, what did you think about these professional answers for the most common hair questions out there? Did they help you in any way? Do you have more? Leave them down below!

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