Color changing nail polish is also known as thermal polish. It is said to change color when it is heated to 32 degrees Celsius. Humans have cooler fingertips compared to the rest of their bodies. When this temperature elevates, your nails will look different. You can experiment with this type of polish by putting your hands in warmer water. It is also said that your mood swings will also change the color of your manicure. Let’s see whether it works or not.

How Does Color Changing Nail Polish Work?

This type of polish reminds us of mood rings which were extremely popular back in the 1980s. Thermal nail polish changes color whenever your body temperature raises. For example, in the summer, when you go out, and the weather is hot, your nails will look different. Also, if you soak your fingertips in hot water, the same effect will happen. Body temperature has to do with mood swings. When you get nervous or anxious, your organism gets hotter. This can also influence your nail polish color.

As you can see, wearing color changing nail polish means you will enjoy different shades throughout the day. The best way to apply this polish is by using layers on your natural nails. Then, use a topcoat for protection. This way, your manicure will last longer.

Color Changing Nail Polish – Best Options

color changing nail polish

B.M.C. Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

This is one of the most popular beauty products on the market, being a high-quality nail polish. Furthermore, its price is affordable. The gel is applied smoothly on your nails, and it dries quickly. You don’t even need multiple coats. One is enough, and it is durable. You will be pleasantly surprised to see this polish lasts for more than two weeks. If you have weak nails, this product is the right choice for you. On the downside, the color represented on the bottle doesn’t accurately match the one that is found inside. If you don’t know how to apply it, the gel will get thick, and it will be harder to cover your entire nail.

Gellen Color Changing Nail Polish

Gellen is a durable and affordable thermal nail polish. It lasts up to three weeks, and it has a wide range of colors. You can find anything you like, from glitter to opaque shades. When it changes color, it is easy to notice, and it happens suddenly. Being a gel can make this polish harder to apply. Therefore, you should make this quick and use thin layers. Also, you won’t find any additional indications on the bottles. They are only labeled by numbers.

LeChat Color Changing Nail Polish

This is a premium brand, and it is a little more expensive compared to other nail polishes. However, considering its durability as well as quality, the price is justified. It is a more durable than other brands, and it comes in plenty of shades. There are more than 33 colors to choose from. At first, you will have bright-colored nails. Then, when the temperature changes, they will modify their color, which is a noticeable process. The polish is thinner, so you won’t have a problem applying it.

Let’s Recap

Bottom line, the color changing nail polish works. Many tutorials and videos prove this theory. Also, most customers have declared themselves happy and satisfied with the way these polishes work. As I previously mentioned, the gel changes shade every time your body temperature raises. You should try the above-described brands and see which one feels better on your nails.

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