Although we might all know what color blocking is, we don’t all know how to do it. Seeing as this is, in fact, a fashion trend that emerged from art roughly a century ago from the works of painter Piet Mondrian, color blocking can be the cause of major head blocking, pun intended. Therefore, let’s take a look at 5 ideas for color block nails that will make matters easier for everyone.

1. Blue Moon Rising

These are half-moon color block nails in dusty pink and shocking blue. The awesome thing about this design is that you can easily do it at home by yourself. They work in all seasons, so you don’t have to worry about not looking good on the beach or for that Christmas card you were so intricately planning. You’re covered for everything!

half moon color block nails

2. The Wedding Design

Are you planning on wearing color block nails on your wedding day? Then we have an amazing idea for you. These are mother of pearl nails with a black French tip and just a dash of glitter powder. The sprinkles mark the line between the two shades adding some glamour to the best day of your life. Remember – this is your moment to shine like a diamond. Be a queen! You can also use a slightly lighter a darker tone that goes better with the shade of your dress.

wedding color block nails

3. The Essence of Muted

There are minimal colors, then there are nude shades, and then there are muted tones. These color block nails fall into the latter category. Muted colors are perfect for elegant women who adore luxury and have an eye for refined things. Pair them with golden jewelry and accessories as well as a touch of diamonds here and there on your rings, watches, and bracelets. The triangle design in cream beige is a geometry of empowerment and decadence that only luxury can buy.

muted color block nails

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4. Black Neon

Mixing black and neon blue has never looked better than with these color block nails. The design is surprisingly simple to pull off, even if you try to do it yourself. We loved it because it’s so young and fresh, perfect for a creative and cool woman who’s not afraid to embrace her femininity and to speak her mind at the same time. We know you love funky outfits, cuff earrings, tote bags that have huge cats on them, and large cups of coffee every few hours. Are we right?

black neon color block nails

5. Louboutin Color Block Nails

Louboutin nails are a type of color block, only in a different way. They seek to mimic the iconic shoe in the sense that they are one color on the front of the nails and always a deep and rich red on the inside. In the same way, Christian Louboutin shoes have one color on the surface and the trademark red soles. The resemblance goes even further when you find out that this is exactly how Louboutin himself got the idea for the red sole in the first place. By watching a woman put on red nail polish! How cool is that?

christian louboutin color block nails

Which one of these color block nails inspired you the most? In fact, here’s an idea. Why don’t you try them all and then write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one you liked best. We are dying to know!

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