Collagen injections help your skin, making it look younger by replenishing the natural collagen. Therefore, it helps to enhance your face skin by restoring the contour of the support structure. Zyplast and Zyderm are collagen products which can replace the collagen in the skin that loses over time. Specialists inject these substances underneath your skin, in the dermis. Furthermore, the body accepts this artificial collagen as its own.

CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm are bioengineered human collagen products which have the same purpose as Zyplast and Zyderm. Nevertheless, they provide the advantage of not asking a skin test before the treatment. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that only a trained health care professional should inject these products into your skin.

Collagen injections will make you look younger

Experts have been using collagen injections for a long time now to repair minor imperfections at the level of the facial skin. These injections can treat acne scars, crow’s feet, creases, wrinkles and laugh lines. Nevertheless, collagen also has some beauty purposes, like filling cheeks and lips. Moreover, cosmetic surgeons use them to treat areas of the neck, back, and chest.

Usually, specialists combine collagen treatment with a laser skin resurfacing treatment or facelift procedure. Collagen injections are safe and easy to administer. However, you should first seek treatment from a cosmetic surgeon who can offer you all the details about the benefits and the consequences of such treatment.


Collagen injections fill your laugh and forehead lines, but also your wrinkles.

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People with ages between 35 and 60 usually ask for this kind of procedures to minimize signs of aging, like frown and smile lines. Collagen injections constitute one of the safest ways to obtain skin enhancement without too much trouble. The perfect candidates for such cosmetic procedures are people who began noticing creases and lines on the forehead, deepening furrows between the brows and smile lines around the mouth.

Before receiving collagen injections, patients need to follow some steps to prevent complications and obtain amazing results. A cosmetic surgeon needs to check the patient medical history to reveal whether there exist any factors which could trigger complications. Then, the specialist performs a skin test to see if the patient might develop an allergic reaction to collagen.

Cosmetic procedures help people alleviate signs of aging

The test consists in injecting a small amount of collagen in the forearm. The specialist monitors that area for a month. If itching, redness or swelling occurs during this period, then the patient is not a good candidate for collagen treatments. Nevertheless, if the patient does not have any of these symptoms, then it means he/she is eligible. Hence, the doctor will offer instructions concerning drinking, smoking, nutrition and diet.

Pregnant women or women who are nursing need to postpone such treatment. People who suffer from autoimmune diseases should never use a collagen treatment. Because most collagen injections come from cows, people who are allergic to bovine products need to inform their doctor. Therefore, their cosmetic surgeon will implement the use of human-based collagen instead.

To sum up, collagen injections can cover some aging signs, making you look refreshed and younger. You can also use these treatments to enhance your beauty, by boosting your lips or filling your cheeks.