When they hear the word collagen, most people think about plumped lips and reduced wrinkles. Despite the general belief, collagen is an important human body protein that can solve a lot of issues including hair problems. Collagen hair treatment ideas have gained a lot of popularity these last couple of years. They treat unhealthy locks, restoring their strength and reducing frizz and other hair damages. Let’s find out more about this hair remedy.

What Is Collagen Hair Treatment and How Does It Work?

a smiling woman with a treatment on her hair

A collagen hair treatment is something that a beauty specialist or cosmetic doctor can provide. However, there are also some collagen creams specially created for your locks. If you want longer-lasting results, my recommendation is to choose the first option and seek a specialist’s advice.

The thing with collagen treatments is that they don’t penetrate your entire hair. Instead, they only work on your locks’ outside layer, which makes these remedies temporary ones. Some even say that keratin treatments are more efficient. The choice is all yours, also depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

This kind of hair treatment can cost between 70 and 135 dollars, depending on which salon you chose to go to. You should be aware of the fact that after the treatment, you shouldn’t wash your hair for a couple of days so that the collagen sticks on your locks. The more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker the collagen effect will go away.

Pros and Cons of Collagen Hair Treatment

Collagen Hair Treatment Advantages

  • Collagen hair treatment has both short and long-term benefits for your locks.
  • Your hair will become stronger and smoother.
  • You will experience an increased volume in your hair and it will be easier to style it.
  • Regular treatments restore your body’s lost collagen deposits, which helps not only your hair but also other body parts such as your nails.
  • It boosts future collagen production and prevents hair loss as well as other hair issues.
  • This treatment can be used for all hair types and all age categories.
  • It restores split ends and breakage.
  • Collagen reduces gray hair appearance.

Collagen Hair Treatment Disadvantages

There are no proven serious side effects when it comes to collagen hair treatments. However, some patients might experience allergic reactions. But this only happens if a person has sensitive or problematic scalp or if he/she is allergic to collagen and its elements. This is why we strongly recommend you consult a specialist before applying this kind of treatment or using a collagen cream at home.

The good news is these mild side effects appear only to one percent of all the patients, which is a low number that shouldn’t worry you.

Putting It All Together

A collagen hair treatment might be your answer to preventing hair loss, boost hair growth, and restore your locks’ health and strength. I hope that all the above details are helpful for you and will support you in whatever decision you make. We also recommend you to seek a cosmetic specialist’s help before doing any kind of beauty treatment.

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