Coffin nail designs have become a true trend in the recent years. If you already know that you want this shape, the only thing to decide on is the design. Today we are going to present you 5 interesting designs made for long coffin nails that are totally out of the ordinary.

Coffin Nail Designs to Inspire You

1. Rose Coffin Nail Design

Though many women prefer a rose design for their nails, sometimes this is hard to achieve. However, it’s easier if you already have a coffin nail shape. The pink roses on this model are a great match for the shiny stones on the other two nails.

2. Nude & Sparkly

Nude has been the trendiest color this year, and you can see it even on nail designs. Our second suggestion for a coffin nail design is a combination between a nude shade and shiny elements. The best part is that you can use various patterns for the sparkly parts. For instance, you can color an entire nail with silver glitter, place an oblique line on another, etc. The play between matte and shiny here is completed by some sleek white lines.

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3. White Nails & Red Rose

As you can see, roses keep appearing on coffin nail designs. This suggestion is rather a simple one. Almost all the nails are shiny white, except for two of them, which sport a red rose. If with the first design suggestion we only saw the flowers on the rose, here you see the entire plant. It is, in fact, a colorful design, with a beautiful red shade on the flower and a green one on the leaves. The two colors make for a nice contrast with the rest of the white nails.

4. Gray Ombre

Yet again, ombre has been trending in 2017, whether we are talking about hair or nails. And there’s no reason not to include it here either. Starting from a light gray on the tip of the coffin nail, this look ends up with a darker shade towards the base. A shiny nail polish will have a more modern aspect, while a matte one will be more elegant.

5. White and Pink

Another option if you love ombre nails is to go for white and pink. While the tip of the nail is white, the base is covered in a delicate pink shade. There is a smooth passage from one shade to another, which makes this design very interesting. The final aspect is given by some crystals placed on two of the nails. Another two have a frosty look, which gives this design a touch of extra elegance.


Choosing the best coffin nail designs is not an easy job. For this reason, we gathered 5 of the most interesting designs that can serve as inspiration. Regardless of what you choose in the end, remember that coffin nails are still trending and won’t go out of style too soon. What’s important is to choose a look that will represent you and to match the rest of your appearance.

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