Although you should use hydrating beauty products and homemade moisturizing remedies for glowing skin, you should also regularly visit a good facial treatments clinic that has experienced professionals. The best solution is to find a place that provides a customized skincare procedure, depending on your skin type. Let’s see which are the best facial treatments you should consider.

The Best Clinical Facial Treatments to Gain a Younger Look

Woman receiving massage microdermabrasion

1. Medifacial Treatment

This is one of the best clinical facial treatments, specially created for those of you who are newbies at beauty medical procedures. If you have a dehydrated, sensitive and dry complexion, this is the best method to solve your skin issues. Compared to deep exfoliating procedures, this is a milder one, acting gently on your skin’s surface. It usually costs 100 dollars per session, and you will need a maximum of 6 treatments.

2. Epidermal Levelling

If you want soft and supply face skin, this is one of the best facial treatments to try. It is a non-traumatic microdermabrasion that removes dead cells from the first couple of epidermal layers. After this treatment, your skin will absorb a lot quicker creams and antioxidant serums. This is due to the deep penetration properties of the epidermal leveling. Your medical consultant will probably state that you should apply certain antioxidant products on your skin for about 7 days after the treatment.

3. Face Clarifying Treatment

This facial treatment is an exfoliation procedure which deep cleanses your pores, unclogging them. It will remind you of traditional facial techniques. Besides the classic microdermabrasion, this method also includes high frequency and extractions. Your skin will become more hydrated as well as smoother and clearer. Usually, a single procedure costs 80 dollars, and it takes a maximum of 45 minutes to be completed.

4. Brightening Peel Facial Treatments

For a better and improved skin tone, clarity and texture, you should choose a brightening peel facial treatment. It is a highly effective procedure that reduces and eliminates aging signs and hyper-pigmentation. Moreover, it softens your wrinkles and lines, making them less visible. This treatment contains retinol, vitamin C, and salicylic acid. Your skin will become brighter, firmer, suppler, and even softer.

5. Revitalizing Micro-Peel Vitamin C Facial

This clinical procedure is great for softening your expression lines. It is a three-step treatment that mixes microdermabrasion with vitamin C peel. It works similarly to a lifting masque. Your skin will get resurfaced, and wrinkles, pigmentation, laxity and other imperfections will be significantly reduced. You can choose this facial treatment if you want to prevent other skin problems. The treatment takes about 45 minutes, and you will have to pay 140 dollars, but the price might vary depending on the clinic you go to.

Wrapping It Up

If you want your face to be in its best condition and to look fresh and young, you should try our above recommendations and facial treatments. All these procedures use cutting-edge medical technology. However, make sure you choose a great clinic with experienced doctors and specialists who know exactly what to provide, according to your skin type.

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