To maintain a good and efficient beauty routine, you also need to know how to clean makeup brushes, the pillars of your sacred ritual. Not only can a makeup-stained brush affect the outcome of your application by influencing the colors you really want, but it can even become a health hazard. Because there are many things you should be mindful of when you’re getting ready to make your brushes look brand new again, we’ll offer you a thorough yet simple guide. Read ahead and discover the best cleansing methods.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes in 4 Steps

For Powder Based Applications

If you’ve been mostly using the brush for powdery types of makeup, you will need a lighter type of cleaning as opposed to cream-based ones. Here’s what you need to do.

Step #1: Take a bowl and fill it with 1/4 cup of lukewarm water (make sure it’s not hot). Add 1 teaspoon of shampoo into the water. You can either go for baby shampoo or liquid Castle soap.

Step #2: Run some lukewarm water through the bristles of the brush while being careful not to get any water in the metal clasp. You may risk accidentally dampening up the glue that keeps the bristles attached, getting them to detach and fall off.

Step #3: Dip the brush in the water and start swirling. Just like in the previous case, avoid getting any water on the metal clasp for the very same reasons. You can clean up the brush even better by massaging some soap between the bristles and squeezing so that the dirtied water drips out.

Step #4: Add some finishing touches by cleaning the brush under a jet of lukewarm water, continuing to squeeze and massage until the dripping water is clear. Dry it off by gently squeezing the brush between a towel.

For Cream Based Applications

Step #1: Grab a paper towel and pour a little bit of oil, preferably olive or almond. Start gently dabbing the towel around the bristles of the brush until it becomes slightly damp. Don’t ever dip it directly into the oil as it may end up damaging the brush.

Step #2: Get the brush underneath a stream of lukewarm water, angling it down so that it doesn’t get into the metal clasp.

Step #3: Squirt some baby shampoo or liquid Castle soap directly into your palm and then start swirling the brush in, sheltering the metal clasp from its possible influence. When you start seeing the shampoo turn dirty, it means it’s working.

Step #4: Clean off the shampoo by running underneath some lukewarm water again until the stream runs clear again. Pat the bristles dry the same way we’ve previously mentioned, gently massaging the bristles with a clean towel.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, that was all you need to know to learn how to clean makeup brushes. Everything boils down to knowing what type of makeup you use it for and being careful not to affect the metal clasp connected to the bristles to avoid damage. Otherwise, you’ll be finished in a few minutes with it. I hope that these tips have been helpful! Happy cleaning!