A bronzer should be an essential product in every woman’s makeup bag. It’s the holy grail of tricking the eye into thinking that you have a nice, bronzy glow even if it’s winter, the sky is grey, and the temperature is closer to that in your refrigerator. These things do not matter at all when you are sure that your bronzer is perfect for you and it will look natural in every season. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of how to pick out the right toner for their skin type.

The trick here is to know what your natural skin’s undertone is. Let’s face it! Nobody wants to look like they have a big, blotchy, brown spot on their face. And apart from blending the product well, avoiding this also has to do with choosing the right color for you. Deciding on your natural undertone is quite a simple task as your skin will tell you. If you are someone who tans easily and doesn’t burn when they are out in the sun, your undertone is warm. If you are the opposite, meaning that you rarely tan and always burn, you have a cool undertone. When you tan as much as you burn, then your undertone is neutral, which can be tricky.

What to consider

So now that you have decided on your natural skin’s undertone, warm, cool, or neutral, it’s time to choose the perfect bronzer for you. Always go for a color that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin color. Never go any darker because you won’t look extra tanned, but extremely unnatural! Also, less is always more with bronzer. So be careful not to apply large quantities at once.

Now it’s time to decide what bronzer shades best suits each skin undertone so that you can choose the best alternative for you. Here we go!

  1. Warm undertone: for this undertone, the golden-brown colors work best. So, when looking for the perfect bronzer, be on the lookout for keywords such as honey, golden, or warm beige.
  2. Cool undertone: for this undertone, it is crucial not to go too dark. So, choose light shades of brown, warm peachy shades, and for keywords that contain light beige, tan, or shell on the package.
  3. Neutral undertone: if you have a neutral undertone, things can get tricky. Most bronzer shades won’t look natural because you don’t fit in any category. However, you can replace a bronzer with a pressed powder to get the same result. Look for the colors that are in the middle of the cool- warm spectrum.

Remember, when it comes to bronzer, less is always more! This is not the type of product that you can pack on your face in the hope that you will look good. It will make you look very unnatural, fake, and your makeup will be visible for miles away.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our article on how to choose the right bronzer for skin tone? Did you find it useful in any way? Did you know all of these details and tricks? Tell us what kind of skin undertone you have in the comments below!

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