In our relentless search of everything nice on the Internet, we discovered amazing nail art experts, fashion gurus, and wellness specialists we recommended you to follow. Since we are just at the year’s beginning, we have to know how we stand on beauty trends and makeup tips, tricks, and hacks as well. If you want to look good and feel excellent, a beauty blog revealing everything that is new and hot is the best place to start. For us to learn as many things as we can, we rounded up five best beauty blogs for you to start following this year! These blogs are excellent sources of information, education, and fun, so let’s start reading them!

1. She’s In the Glow

top five best beauty blogs shes in the glow

Annie, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of She’s In The Glow is your ideal go-to beauty specialists no matter what you want to learn. From smoothie recipes to travel must-haves and from the latest beauty trends to the most innovative makeup hacks, Annie covers them all in a lighthearted, honest, and fun manner. Besides the original and useful content you will find on the blog, Annie offers an up-close and quite personal look at all interesting beauty trends, while teaching you how to include them in your life. Millennials love her and everybody has something to learn from her.

2. I Covet Thee

top five best beauty blogs i covet thee

If you do not follow this beauty blog already, it is time to start right now. Our second entry on this best beauty blogs top is I Covet Thee, the personal playground of fashion and beauty blogger Alix, who offers her followers a truly unique experience. The content of the blog is diverse and can satisfy all tastes and needs. From beauty tips and tricks to video tutorials, and from solid product reviews to the latest trends debates, Alix offers more than a blog, but a world to live in. She approaches topics such as beauty, style, travel, or food in a laidback, engaging manner. And if we did not convince you yet, let us tell you one more thing: you can shop her wardrobe. Trust us, you will find a world of wonder out there!

3. Katie Jane Hughes

top five best beauty blogs katie jane hughes

There is no makeup artist to love more than Katie Jane Hughes if you want to up your ante and turn yourself into a beauty and style model. Her blog,, contains some of the most beautiful, complete, and mind-blowing eye makeup tutorials on the web. Moreover, her photo portfolio will leave you in awe. Her reviews are spot-on and her tips, tricks, and how-to guides are so well explained and so well researched, you will embrace and adopt them with ease. Katie’s name has strong ties with legendary photographers, celebrities, and publications, so go visit her website and learn all the beauty secrets you need to!

4. Miss Whoever You Are

top five best beauty blogs miss whoever you are

Sassy, classy, smart, and sarcastic, Eileen Dautruche is a refreshing, unique, and powerful voice in the world of fashion and beauty blogging. She says exactly what is on her mind and even if her words might sting occasionally, as beauty is concerned, she has no match. Miss Whoever You Are is a blog collecting everything Eileen loves, everything she is wearing and all beauty products you need to own. If you want entertaining and expert of everything from makeup to hair.

5. The Cult of Pretty

top five best beauty blogs the cult of pretty

If you were thinking about joining a cult, we believe this one will meet your needs. Last but not least on our best beauty blogs top, The Cult of Pretty, in its own words, has the purpose of offering “unbiased, un-B.S. information about fresh beauty brands you’ve never heard of.” Ann Colville Somma is an insider in the beauty industry, while her co-captain Tatum Furnari is a wellness magician. Together they offer women the chance of learning everything they want to know about makeup, fragrances, skincare, nails, wellness, grooming, and style. If you were ever interested in white eyeliners and colored mascaras, this is the place to find the information.

The blog features gorgeous photos, the newest trends reveal, product reviews, and actionable advice all women should take to heart. Chic, streamlined, colorful, and useful, this blog is the Bible of Pretty.

Wrapping up…

These were our five top best beauty blogs to start following this year! As you know, the list does not end here, because we will look for even more such corners of paradise on beauty, style, and self-care to share with you. Until then, tell us what your favorite beauty blogs are and what other similar beauty experts you follow!

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