Knowing how to care for a tattoo is one of the many things you should research and learn about before committing to a choice so important. From methods to soothe the skin irritation that comes with it to ways through which you can simply maintain the quality of the inking, you will find a myriad of useful tips below. Continue reading to discover a simple, yet inclusive guide which details the steps you should take to care for this artsy marker.

How to Care for a Tattoo

Naturally, your tattoo artist is going to take care of immediate post-application care methods. Bandages, ointments, and several other preventive measures. You will also likely hear of a few guidelines from them as well, so make sure to closely follow whatever advice they offer to you. Once you get home, however, you’ll need to look after your tattoos yourself.

Cling Wrap Removal

Once home, make sure that at least two hours have passed before you decide to remove the cling wrap used to keep your bandage in place. Clean your affected skin area by gently washing over your tattoo with a soap that’s free of alcohol and fragrance. The product should be as less irritable as possible.

Avoid Ink Loss

For the first few weeks, while your tattoo is healing, one of the greatest risks is the possibility of the ink fading away due to the actions of various external sources. You can help predict these instances by wearing looser clothes, for starters. Wear something that isn’t tight around the tattooed area, regardless where it is. Moreover, try not to sleep on the side with the tattoo, especially if it’s on your arm. Obviously, you can’t help where you twist and turn while you’re in a deep slumber but, hey, that’s not in your control, right?

Keep it Clean and Healthy

It’s very important to shelter your tattoo while it’s healing so that you don’t give room to bacteria and fungi to sneak through and cause a possible health hazard. Never touch it with dirty hands or unclean fingernails; washing your hands should become an even bigger routine. Also, in the first couple of weeks or so, avoid swimming or spending a lot of time in water. Wet environments are extremely favorable to the development of bacteria and fungi.

Protect from Sunlight

Sunlight exposure can be pretty dangerous in general, but these effects enhance when a tattoo is brought into play as well. While your tattoo is healing, avoid exposing it directly to sunlight. But as far as this issue is concerned, you should try to protect it from the actions of UV rays even after the healing process is over. That being said, applying some sunscreen whenever heading out into the ‘nature’ is going to help tons in preserving your tattoo.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to care for a tattoo, particularly focusing on the first few weeks of the healing process. There are many more things to know, but these were some of the more crucial tips which you need to adhere to when left to your own devices.