Are you tired of spending good minutes every morning straightening your hair? A Brazilian keratin treatment (also known as the BKT) might be what you need. For what, you ask? For any problems regarding curly, wavy, frizzy, or otherwise untamed hair. The BKT is the ideal fix for the person who’d much rather look in the mirror and see long, straight, and silky hair. But enough of these theoretical talks. Let’s dive into the core of the matter and explore the wonders of the BKT.

What Is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

First of all, let’s establish what a keratin treatment is in general.

Keratin is a compound which pretty much stands at the foundation of your nails, hair, and skin in an overwhelming amount. We could go into some chemical details, but it’s pretty redundant. All you need to know in order to understand this kind of treatment is the fact that it’s possible, through keratin treatments, to reshape the sulphur bonds of your hair in order to give it a different appearance. In other words, you can go from curly to straight without even having to use a flat iron, which only modifies your appearance from the outside.

So, keratin treatments change the appearance of your hair from the inside, starting right with your cells. Once you hear this, your next question should, understandably, be: is it even safe to undergo such a process? Well…

Are Brazilian Keratin Treatments Safe?

When they first came in picture, they were definitely not safe. We might have not known at the time, but more people looking into this treatment revealed the dangers of treating your hair the BKT way. Early versions of these treatments included a compound known as formaldehyde, a highly toxic and damaging agent. Mostly forced by the increase in popularity of hair coloring, makers of the BKT were forced to adapt and to find complementary ingredients for the treatment. This is because a BKT and a hair coloring treatment would mean the death of your hair, basically.

As a result, in time, the BKT started to transform, ditching the harmful compounds for milder ones. However, there are still several treatments, both in salons and various kits, which use formaldehyde. In order to avoid the misfortunes of this agent, only put your faith in reputable brands (such as KeraStraight) and salons.

Who Should Get a BKT?

Well, firstly, technically no one ‘should’ get the treatment. If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, you become a prime candidate. The next question you should ask yourself is: am I really struggling that much with my hair? In that case, you could definitely give the BKT a shot in order to get a more permanent solution that can give you that straight hair you’re craving.

Consult your stylist about this first, though, to learn about brands and the likelihood of the treatment actually working on your hair type.

Wrapping Up

So, in conclusion – the Brazilian keratin treatment. Is it useful? If it’s compatible with your hair, yes. Is it safe? If they are free of any harmful compounds, yes. Is it worth it? It depends on how desperately you want to get rid of your frizzy hair.