Botox Hair Treatment: Pros and Cons

Many people are turning to botox hair treatment as a means of revitalizing their hair. We will delve into what botox hair treatment is. So that by the end of this post, you will be able to answer the question, “What is botox treatment for hair?”

So What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair botox is a formula that repairs the strands of hair with healthy ingredients. This treatment repairs the hair in a way that is visible on the outside, and true on the inside. Hair Botox rebuilds the hair from root to tip, prevents hair loss, drying and breaking, restoring its fineness and shine.

Botox acts on the second layer of the hair where, due to the oxygen-based ingredients, it regenerates the hair from the inside, coating it on the outside in polymers. Moreover, Hair Botox is a permanent treatment of hair straightening with effects for up to 6 months.

This is a beneficial treatment for those who have had any coloring, styling, or other damaging things done to hair. Hair Botox reverts the hair to its most healthy and natural state. It also helps with aging in that it gives strength, nourishment, and vitality.

Hair Botox Treatment is based on natural ingredients.

Keratin, Botox and Amino acids – in high concentrations, which can be applied in multiple repetitions, along the entire length of the hair.

Hair Botox is a treatment for all hair types, whether it is burnt, dyed, subjected to repeated styling procedures or straightening treatments, even if the tips are split or if the hair is natural.


  • Rebuild the hair
  • Prevents hair loss and breakage
  • Restores natural shine and finesse
  • Increase volume

Who is Hair Botox For?

  • For people with hair that is dry or damaged
  • Those with dehydrated and frizzy hair
  • For those with dull and lifeless hair
  • Those with dandruff
  • For those with bleached, colored, or highlighted hair
  • Those with split-ends
  • Those with curled, straightened, or styled hair

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting The Hair Botox Treatment

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Is my hair damaged?
  • Is my hair dehydrated?
  • Has my hair been bleached or dyed too many times?
  • Has my hair been straightened for too long, and it starts to look like a broom?
  • Is my hair very thin or lifeless?
  • Does my hair have split ends?

If there are too many “yes”, you need a Botox hair treatment.

Benefits of the Hair Botox Treatment

Botox for hair uses acidic compounds which are safe to use, without any harmful chemicals which are common in smoothing treatments and are found in the  Keratin treatment.

Furthermore, there is no formaldehyde or parabens. It cannot harm your hair and instead actually repairs any tears. This treatment protects against dandruff, psoriasis, and other scalp conditions. Botox hair treatment also minimizes hair loss.

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Builds Strength

According to Nawrot, the biggest culprit of aging and keratin depletion is frequent heat styling — with professional-grade tools women now use at home that is hotter and more powerful — because it completely zaps moisture from the hair.

The Process of Hair Botox Treatment

Softer Hair offers insight into the treatment for botox hair. They tell us that the first step is professional cleaning hair with clarifying shampoo. Then they will section hair and put the product on to soak.

This will take place for about 45 minutes. After your hair absorbs this treatment, you must wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo. Then you have to straighten it in order to seal the product into the hair strands, and then you’re ready to go!

How Long Does Botox Hair Last?

According to Softer Hair, botox hair treatment will last on your hair between two and four months and should be reapplied after that time. You must use sulfate-free shampoos, the same as those needed after a Keratin treatment, to maximize these effects.

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Prices of Botox Hair Treatment

Stylist Carina Echeverria writes on the website Botox Capilar about what botox treatment could cost, depending on where you live and other factors.

She tells us that the price all depends on which salon you choose. In big cities such as Manhattan, for instance, the prices are a higher investment. This is caused by supply and demand. In larger cities, women are prepared to pay the $150 through $200 price range.

Another big factor is the quality and type of products used for the treatment. The price for hair botox treatment is between $75 and $100, we are told. It is possible to get great quality service and great quality products with this price range; it just may take some searching!

Here are some brands that create this treatment:

  • Innovatis
  • Tahe
  • Prismax
  • Primont

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Hair Botox Reviews:

Echeverria offers her professional opinion on hair botox treatment. She tells us that as someone who has been in the hair industry for 20 years, she believes in Botox treatment for hair. This is not because it is flashy, but because she has seen real results for her clients.

It is a treatment that works regardless of your hair type, including hair that is damaged beyond what can seemingly be fixed.

She raves about how quickly the product works and reminds us that hair type does play a part in what the results look like. Hair Botox not only fixes the hair’s exterior but also helps in the day to day maintenance and creation of healthier hair overall.

This review ends with Echeverria reminding us that the worse off the hair is, the better the results are in the end. Pretty incredible, huh?

Some Favorite Products for Hair Treated with Botox:

Koko Keratin Botox Hair Treatment

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Koko Keratin boasts that their product enhances hair with a hydrating boost while repairing and refining hair to make it fuller and healthier. I could not agree more.

This botox brand was easy to use and came with detailed instructions that weren’t the least bit intimidating.

If you’re looking for more straightening treatment, this probably isn’t for you, even though it does include keratin.

But if you’re looking for healthy hair that shines like it never has before, gives this brand a try. This is the first botox treatment that I tried, I am impressed.


  • FULLER BRIGHTER, HEALTHIER HAIR:” A groundbreaking new treatment that enhances hair with a hydrating boost. It repairs and refines hair to make it fuller and healthier, eliminating frizz and split ends.”
  • RESTORE MOISTURE & ENHANCE SHINE: “Les Cheveux HBTx is a combination of essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that effectively penetrate the cuticle to restore hair from the inside out.”
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: “This is for you if you have very fine, dry, colored, bleached, dull, lifeless, or fried hair with tons of split ends, and it also enhances natural hair. This botox hair treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals.”
  • RESULTING BENEFITS: “This botox hair treatment fills gaps and breakages in the hair shaft, works to restore lost protein, and helps keep hair frizz-free, smooth, healthy, and strong. It’s good to use after a Brazilian keratin treatment”
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: “Koko Keratin is determined to revitalize the essence of the beauty industry. We strive to develop and deliver luxurious goods to a global marketplace. Our reputation is exhibited through the quality of our brand and products.”

Inoar Professional -Botohair Kit

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Even though my first treatment made my hair much healthier, I was looking for a botox treatment that completely transformed my hair.

I gave Inoar Professional a try. The ingredients are very good. They include proteins and glossing agents.

When I mixed up my cream, I was hit with a heavenly vanilla scent that was unexpected but very welcomed.


  • Inoar Argan BotoHAIR Keratin Treatment
  • BotoHAIR has a phenomenal ability to reduce up to 95% of frizz and make curly hair easier to manage with its improved texture, even after its first use
  • The formula is composed of proteins and various glossing agents. This provides luminous shine with a luxuriously silky feel.
  • Bottle appearance may vary

Majestic Hair Botox

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This treatment is a bit on the pricey side but it does contain some extras that make it worth it.

It’s formaldehyde-free but does contain caviar and collagen, making it even more effective at healing and plumping up your existing hair.

This is a complete treatment kit and includes the botox treatment, replenishing shampoo, and a conditioner.

If your hair requires a complete reboot and not just a basic treatment, Majestic Hair Botox is the best investment you can make.


  • 0% Formaldehyde
  • Wash hair before you flat iron
  • Contains caviar & collagen
  • No fumes, itchy eyes, or bad smell
  • Repairs and straightens hair and eliminates frizz

Tahe Magic Botox Effect

If you’re hoping to rejuvenate your curls, thicken fine and straight hair or breathe new life into dry hair, this product will do just what you need it to do.

I will say that this treatment didn’t seem to last as long as the others but with the price as low as it is, working in an extra treatment or two a year is still a bargain.

My hair can get pretty frizzy so if yours isn’t as bad, you might find your treatment lasting much longer than mine did.

Soft Liss Botox Gel

This is a unique treatment because instead of being a liquid, this product comes as a gel.

It’s geared towards adding more shine and softness because the gel can deliver higher levels of protein to each hair fibre.

Gel also lasts longer than liquid because you need less for each treatment. Depending on the length of your hair, a single bottle could last you up to 16 applications, making Soft Liss Botox Gel a bargain.

If you have very light-coloured hair, don’t panic if the product will make your hair a bit green. The color will rinse out when the treatment is over.


  • It regenerates hair because the gel is a better channel for protein content and it arrives in greater quantity inside the hair fiber. The gel removes the volume and gives more shine and softness to your hair…
  • You’ll get fantastic results On top of that, SoftLiss Botox Gel lasts FAR longer with just one bottle lasting 14 or 16 applications!
  • Smoother, straighter hair in just a few steps
  • Botox Gel smoothes, removes volume and adds shine and softness in the application

Expert Hair Botox Hair Mask Treatment

This probably shouldn’t be the first botox hair treatment that you try, but it will be the last. Salon experts could be the last resort or your first try.

Don’t let the price scare you because it lives up to its name. This is absolutely the expert version of botox hair treatments.

Help your hair recover after chemical damage while eliminating frizz and split ends, all with one simple treatment.

Scale back stress

Just as stress can cause a breakout to erupt on your chin, it can also encourage hair to revolt.

Essentially, stress spikes adrenaline production, which can convert into androgens (male hormones including testosterone) and cause extra hair to fall out.

The best Rx: Chill out. But if yoga and meditation aren’t on the schedule, ask your doctor about prescription anti-androgen treatments. If you’re taking the Pill, switch to a low-androgen one, such as Desogen or Ortho-Cyclen.

Feed your hair

Since hair is a nonessential tissue, that means it’s the last one to have access to any of the nutrients you ingest.

Liz Cunnane, a Philip Kingsley trichologist tells us about the nourishment hair gets. He lays out how the body does not prioritize the hair, and how it is the last to get all the vitamins and minerals. That is why it is vital to eat all your vitamins, vegetables, and proteins!

Scalp TLC

Fiorella Valdesolo tells us that our scalps require the same level of TLC as our hair. Now, your hair is nourished and treated with care. She talks to several experts about the validity of hair botox treatment in a piece for Marie Claire.


Christyn Nawrot, a national educator for haircare brand Phyto tells us that the hair and scalp need the same care as the skin to age well. She lays out that we produce less keratin as the aging process takes place, and that this leads to breakage. This means caring for hair now is vital!

Next up, we want to go in-depth and answer some common questions you may have about Botox Hair Treatment.

How Long Does Hair Botox Treatment Last?

We mentioned this a bit earlier on, but now is the time to get into more detail. Botox injections are not just for frown lines and wrinkles. With Botox Treatment for hair, you can expect for it to last about three or four months, but it can last from as little as two months up to six months! Many factors will determine how long it will last. There are some things you can do if you are looking to extend treatment as long as possible to get the most of your money! The first one on the list is hair washing. Washing your hair less is a great way to make your treatment last much longer. Washes strip the hair and get it back to its original state much quicker. Look into finding good dry shampoos to use as you wait for your next hair wash.

Washing Hair

The length of time you allow your hair to remain unwashed is something you will need to personally determine, as everyone knows their own hair best. Many people begin avoiding daily washing and move the schedule up to three days, and even up to a week depending on their hair type. The next great way to make your Botox Treatment last is to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. There are many incredible brands out there that will keep your Treatment from being altered quickly and instead clean without stripping your hair.

Another great tip to help you maximize the time before needing another treatment is to avoid excessive heat styling. This will weaken the treatment and put you right back in the styling chair. These things are strains on your hair strands even without Botox Treatment, but they will lessen your treatment time by far as well.

Does Hair Botox Treatment Help Hair Growth?

There are many studies that have been conducted (and are still going on currently) to try and figure out if hair Botox helps hair to grow. A lot of people believe that hair botox help with hair growth. The reason for this is that Botox causes blood to flow and therefore helps oxygen get to the core issue: the scalp. The thing that causes hair growth is the stimulation of blood flow, and that’s precisely what Botox does to the scalp. Having the hair follicles stimulated by blood flow is the reason many believe this. Studies are being conducted to figure out if Botox is a genuine help for hair growth, but logically it makes sense and the testimonies speak for themselves. Botox for hair growth can be a great option to try.

Is Botox Better Than Keratin?

There are solid arguments as to which one is the better option on both sides for both Keratin Treatment and Botox Treatment. So which is better? Just like Botox and Dysport, certain differences are not well known. So let’s get right into it. What are the main reasons people want either treatment?

The reasons are pretty simple: firstly, frizz. Many women have excessive amounts of frizz that makes their hair unruly and hard to manage. You can have the most beautiful hair, but if it gets frizzy, it is hard to love it or see it at its best. If you want a more relaxed time styling your hair every morning, either treatment will do the trick. They both help your hair become smooth, healthy, and manageable. But there are two main differences if you have other hair needs. What are these?

When Keratin is Best for You?

Well, if you are looking for straighter hair and already have pretty healthy hair, keratin is probably best for you. One of the main purposes of Keratin Treatment is to straighten the hair in the most natural way possible. But If you are looking for smoother waves, a solution to thin and easily breakable hair, difficult split ends, or a moisturizing treatment, Botox is probably best for you. Botox Treatment is restorative for even the most damaged hair and will help you embrace your current hair type to the fullest.

Hair botox products also tend to be more natural and deeply infused with plenty of vitamins and active ingredients that will make your hair healthy. There are a few arguments against hair Botox reviews as well as keratin treatment reviews bringing up the chemicals in Keratin Treatment, but most of these bring up the use of formaldehyde. If you are using a formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatment (which is advisable), there is less to worry about.

Read Carefully About the Side Effects

When it comes to Botox treatment, remember that botulinum toxin is not in it. This may help set your mind at ease. Be sure to read up on all hair botox side effects and Keratin Treatment side effects. You can’t use the treatments if you are pregnant or nursing. With hair botox, the goal is to take you back in time, in a way. The purpose is to be a type of deep conditioning treatment, not a chemical hair treatment, that helps hair be its best again. It takes all that is bad about your hair: frizz, split ends, etc., and helps it get back to its natural state.

Keratin is Used For …

Keratin is a chemical treatment used mainly for hair straightening. It is an ingredient found already in your hair, so it is natural. However, it does contain more chemicals than the botox treatment. If done correctly, Keratin is an excellent option for straightening curly hair naturally and helping you stay away from straining your hair daily with a flat iron and blow-dryer. Botox is a great option to take as a corrective measure instead of a straightening measure. The truth is, one is not necessarily better than the other, they each simply serve different needs. Many people will tell you that one is better than the other, but it is your choice at the end of the day.

If you are researching your facts, you will be able to determine which is the right fit for you regardless of if the treatment is Botox injections, laser hair removal, Keratin treatment, or any other treatment.

Lookup the Botox hair treatment price, the Keratin Treatment price, all side effects and ingredients in both as you make your decision on which is best for you.

h/t: Softer Hair, Live Beauty Health, Botox Capilar, Marie Claire,

hair botox infographic beautifully alive
hair botox infographic beautifully alive

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Frequent questions:

  1. Can Hair Botox be used on damaged hair?

Hair Botox is a treatment that addresses all hair types – dyed hair, dehydrated, dry, burned, etc.

  1. Can I use Hair Botox if I have natural hair?

Hair Botox is a reconstruction treatment and can be used on natural hair.

  1. Can I dye my hair after a Hair Botox treatment?

Painting is recommended to be done before treatment, preferably on the same day. Any subsequent chemical intervention may reduce the effect of the treatment.

  1. How is the treatment maintained?

It is recommended to use shampoo, mask and serum from the Kashmir range. Kashmir shampoo does not contain salt.

How to take care of hair at the sea/pool after a Hair Botox treatment?
Both before and after entering the sea or pool, it is recommended to wash your hair with normal water to avoid opening the cuticle on impact with salt / chlorinated water. The procedure is recommended to avoid drying and dehydrating the hair.

  1. Can I get botox treatment if I have extensions?

Extensions must be removed before applying the treatment. They work separately.