Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen on her birthday. These amazing birthday nail designs will make any birthday girl happy when going out partying with her friends. Make sure you try them out, and you enjoy your beautiful day with those you love.

Birthday candles

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Blow the candles on your cake and make a wish! Or you could also try to paint the candles on your nails. Isn’t this great? This is a simple and cute manicure. First, apply your base coat and a black nail polish. Choose whatever colors you’d like for your candles and start painting them on your nails, using a thin brush. Also, you will need yellow and orange nail polish to design the flames. Et voila! Now you have a gorgeous manicure.

Confetti on your birthday

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This nail art design looks incredible! Apply your favorite nail polish color, but make sure it’s a light shade. Then, use a thin brush and different colors of nail polishes and glitter to do the rest. You can draw a small cake, some birthday candles or even the numbers that indicate your age or date of birth. How cool is that? I would definitely try it out if I were you.

Birthday cake and rhinestones

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What a great birthday nail design! Besides drawing your birthday candles on your nails, you can use some colorful rhinestones to design a nice cupcake. Also, do not forget about your chocolate birthday cake and try to design it using a thin brush and some brown nail polish. You will have a fantastic manicure on your birthday!

Presents and balloons

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Have fun when painting your nails and use as many colors as you’d like! Design the presents’ boxes and the colorful balloons at your birthday party and your nails will look spectacular. Make sure you apply a base coat and a top coat after applying your favorite nail polish colors. You will need a lot of patience and a really thin brush to draw all those details.

Birthday party balloons

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If you had colorful balloons at all your previous birthday parties, you should definitely have some this year, too…but on your nails! After applying your base coat, apply a white nail polish and then start designing some colorful balloons using a small thin brush. This nail art looks totally awesome!

Cute cupcakes

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If you prefer birthday cupcakes instead of birthday cake, try to design them on your nails to have a nice and colorful manicure on your birthday. Use a light shade of nail polish to cover your nails and then start designing the cupcakes, paying attention to the details. You can draw some sprinkles on top of them, or you can apply some glitter for a sparkly effect. Be creative and have fun!

Colorful birthday party

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Thinking at your upcoming birthday party can make you and your friends very excited. Make sure you express your excitement by designing a sweet and colorful nail art. If you have the patience for it and a steady hand, you can write ‘happy birthday’ on your nails using multiple colors and a thin brush.

Gathering our brushes

These spectacular birthday nail designs can make your day even more special, celebrating with friends and family. Since you are the center of attention and the soul of the party, you need to look exquisite. Make sure you try out these nail designs for a flawless look.

Image Source: NailPolis Magazine