When it comes to shampoos, hair care, and hair growth, we can never be too careful or too attentive. As we discussed sulfate free shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos, we understood that biotin is an essential ingredient in many hair care products, including conditioners and hair masks. But what is biotin and what are its effects? Does biotin shampoo work for hair loss and growth? Today we will find out!

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for numerous body functions including metabolism, cell growth, carbon dioxide transfer, cell repair, and metabolism. Biotin is a mix of vitamin H and part of the B-complex group (vitamin B7). Both vitamins H and B7 have a scientific critical role to play in the health and growth of our skin, nails, and hair. From this point of view, biotin shampoos should be science’s answer to hair loss and regrowth problems. But are they?

What is Biotin Shampoo?

Biotin shampoos are hair cleansers that contain added biotin besides other cleansing and nourishing ingredients. If your question is, “does biotin shampoo work for hair growth and hair loss prevention?” then the answer is yes. However, for this answer to be 100% true, your next biotin shampoo should NOT contain the following ingredients: sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, isopropyl alcohol, disodium EDTA and propylene glycol distearate. The components we can find in regular shampoos can cause damages to your scalp and hair roots. They can turn your hair drier than normal, making it brittle, weak, and easy to fall or break.

The lack of biotin in your body leads to problems including dry skin, red rashes on your face, dry scalp, thinning hair, and eczema. On the other hand, a biotin rich hair treatment leads to the promotion of new hair regrowth dermatology studies show.

How Does Biotin Shampoo Work for Hair Regrowth?

The added biotin in such shampoos works in various ways. First, it improves the microcirculation of blood at the scalp and hair roots’ levels. An enhanced supply of blood is responsible for the improvement of oxygen and nutrient flow where hair growth begins. It also removes the buildup of oily sebum in your hair, thus preventing the growth of root-damaging fungi.

Besides aiding your hair to preserve its health and boost its potential for regrowth, biotin shampoos also have some secondary beneficial effects that you have to know about:

  • Biotin also promotes the thickening of the hair.
  • Biotin has a powerful positive impact on the strengthening of hair follicles.
  • If you use other Biotin products for nails or skin, you can find dedicated products as biotin is all the rage right now in personal care.

Does Biotin Shampoo Have Side Effects?

If you choose a high-quality biotin shampoo, you should not worry about side effects. If you have concerns about using biotin shampoos, you should talk to your dermatologist. According to the FDA, your body does not accumulate high quantities of biotin to reach toxic levels if you use the shampoo during your hair washing routines. If you ingest biotin pills as oral supplements for a faster result, you should have a chat with your doctor.

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Wrapping up…

Does biotin shampoo work for hair growth and hair loss prevention? Yes, it does! You have to simply read the labels and decide what the best biotin shampoo for your needs is. Such products help your scalp and hair regain their cleanness, hydration, and blood flow and nutrients intake. Make sure the shampoos play on the natural and organic side of personal care and you will regain the beauty of your tresses in no time!

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