This season, the New York Fashion Week dived deep into the territory of change, in all of its shapes. This time, the designers did not simply reinvent classics into something modern, but they kept the pace with the world’s changing beauty standards. Most importantly, the entire week celebrated diversity, beauty in all of its forms, and the courage to come as you are in front of the world. And because as we all know it, Fashion Week incorporates more than, well, fashion, a powerful tool of expression was represented by makeup and hair. The very-expressive makeup paired with bold hairstyles and accessories, they all represented inspiring transitions towards a world where everyone is appreciated for what they truly are. And because it’s usually really difficult to follow all the trends, we have prepared a list of some of the biggest beauty trends at New York Fashion Week 2018. You should definitely check them out!

The bold red lip

It seems that makeup artists thought of a new way of expression using the classic red lip: a bolder red lip. However, over the entire week, the models not only wore a red pout, but they wore it in a large variety of ways. Some wore a blood orange color, while others preferred the classy matte lip. However, at Brandon Maxwell, the red pout was not complete until a metallic touch was applied. What should we learn from this? That the red lip comes in a variety of ways and that you should wear precisely what you like, whenever you like it.

Hair accessories come back in style

For those of you who liked bold hair accessories back in the day but are afraid to sport them now, fear now. Tom Ford has found a solution and he brought the boldness back with his leather headbands that made waves. It’s retro but at the same time it’s cool and edgy. It makes you try everything you once feared. It offers courage and leaves any insecurities behind. As we’ve said, this New York Fashion Week was all about change.

The return of the hair claw clips

Let’s face it! A claw clip represents the easiest alternative for a busy woman who doesn’t have time to do her hair. Because of this, Alexander Wang used this hair accessory on his models to hold in place some very slick twists. The look he got was very sculptural, perfect and at the same time, completely effortless.

Making a statement doesn’t mean wearing black eyeshadow

It’s all clear now and the experts have spoken: it’s time to give up on the smoky eye and make a statement with brightly-colored eyeshadows. Oscar de la Renta used shimmering lavender on his models. At the same time, others used splashes of color and turquoise eyeliner wings. It’s all about being bold and trying something different. So, say good-bye to that basic black smoky eye for good.

In the end

So, what do you think about our list of big beauty trends at New York Fashion Week 2018? Are some of them a little bit too bold? Are they wearable? It’s your choice but let us know your preferences down below!

Image source: flickr