The Top Ten Sulfate-Free Shampoos On The Market

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​Best Sulfate Free Shampoo on the Market – Our Top Ten Picks

When it comes to the hair care industry, the latest trend and buzzword is “sulfate free shampoos.” While the general concern over the use of chemicals in cosmetic and beauty products is not new, the “free form” formulas in new shampoos got everybody talking. Are you looking for the best sulfate free shampoo on the market? You will probably find it in fancy salons, hair stylists’ offices, and dedicated stores – or so they say.

However, the first questions that pop to mind are “what is a sulfate” and “why is a sulfate-free shampoo better?” First, let us see what the sulfate in shampoo actually is and does. Sulfate is a cleaning agent you will find in shampoo, soap, toothpaste, floor wash, or car wash liquids – in higher concentrations, of course. The sulfate in your shampoo is the element offering that foamy and lathering-up effect you love so much in TV commercials.

The same sulfate is responsible for cleaning and removing your hair’s build-up of dust, oil, dandruff, other hair care products’ residue and so on. In other words, the sulfate in shampoo has always been the go-to ingredient to clean your hair and scalp.

Back to the best sulfate free shampoo on the market, the main issue to solve is the following: why are sulfate free shampoos all the rage right now? What happened? The answer is easy to understand. We live a global trend of rejecting chemicals more and more.

The cosmetic industry returned to nature a while ago and the hair care industry simply followed. People want less chemicals and toxins in their lives and more natural ingredients. This is why they explicitly asked for silicone, sulfate, and parabens free shampoos and other cosmetic products.

The leaders in the hair care industry do not dismiss the sulfate shampoos altogether. While sulfate is still a traditional and powerful cleaning agent, major brands also listened to their customers and they are now offering sulfate free shampoos as an alternative to those people concerned with the use of chemicals.

Today, we will also follow the trend and offer you our own best sulfate free shampoo top. We hope you will enjoy this top ten list and find inspiration for your gorgeous hair and chemical free life!

​Top 10 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo of 2018

​In the chart below, you will find my top 10 rated best sulfate free shampoo on the market list. For a more in-depth review of each product, please click on the "Read Review" link.

​Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Types​

Before we begin, we have to say that sulfate free shampoos come in many varieties and formulas. However, we decided to separate them into three main categories, as we find them to be very important: the best sulfate free shampoo for colored hair category, the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner category, and the unisex best sulfate free shampoo category. While they do share plenty of common traits and advantages, each category comes with its drawbacks. We will further discuss them in detail to help you make the best decision.

​​Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Colored Hair

We all know colored hair needs extra protection and care. While there are plenty of conditioners and treatments for color hair, we found that if you use one of the best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair on this list, you would enjoy all the benefits of dedicated shampoo and conditioner at a lower price and with plenty of additional hair benefits. Colored hair suffers enough as it is, so you should consider treating it with a sulfate free shampoo that nourishes, protects, and boosts its looks.


  • Better colored hair care
  • No need for other conditioners and supplemental treatments
  • ​Very good value for money


  • ​It may leave your scalp dry and flaky
  • Low foaming
  • May leave your hair more tangled than usual

​​Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

​​When it comes to hair care, few things beat the shampoo + conditioner mix. However, if you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo on the market, we strongly recommend you look for this heavenly match-up. The shampoo and conditioner combination works well against dry, frizzy, damaged, frail, and unhealthy hair. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should look closer at our selection of sulfate free shampoos that also come with their tailored conditioners.


  • ​Exceptional natural hair care
  • Multiple hair benefits
  • Good value for money


  • Might make curly hair harder to detangle
  • Might offer curly hair unnecessary extra volume
  • ​May not work for all hair types

​​​Unisex Best Sulfate Free Shampoo

​​​For some, the use of unisex shampoos may seem counter-intuitive, as men and women have different hair types and different hair issues. However, the unisex sulfate free shampoos have the advantage of offering similar results to both genders. Sharing the shampoo in the family has never been easier or more budget-friendlier.


  • ​Budget Friendly
  • Family friendly ​
  • ​​​​​​High Availability


  • ​You may run out o​f it
  • ​May lead to poor results in some people
  • ​Scent may not be favored by all people

​​Common Features of the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Variations

We carefully tasted and tried all the sulfate free shampoos on this list, trying to find the most effective ones in terms of hair cleanness, healthy scalp, soft hair, color protection, hair nourishing, and so on. When we rated these shampoos, we also took into account the other hair benefits brought by the constant use of the shampoos: hair loss alleviation, dandruff control, stronger hair etc.

Before presenting you with the common features of our top sulfate free shampoos, we have to tell you we also factored in scent and possible side effects. After all, you need a shampoo that makes you feel great and not trigger one of your allergies.

After careful considerations, we came up with a list of six common features shared by all the shampoos on our list. Let us see what they are!

  • Mindful production: All the best sulfate free shampoos on our list contain natural ingredients and organically cultivated herbs to offer you a real natural experience. While not all the ingredients are USDA organic certified, the manufactures’ guarantees and reputation convinced us we used botanical, GMO free, chemical free shampoos made with care and environmental awareness.
  • Multiple hair benefits: sulfate free shampoos should keep you safe from chemicals and clean your hair as well as traditional shampoos, leaving it soft and strong. However, we found that these shampoos have plenty of positive effects on the hair: dandruff control, hair growth promotion, hair loss prevention, detangling, colored hair protection, and so on.
  • Enriched formulas: Besides the usual suspects in natural hair care (oils and fruit extracts), these shampoos also come with biotin or keratin, natural vitamin complexes and organic ingredients that stimulate and strengthen hair.
  • ​​Effectiveness:  If you are looking for a hair product that is gentle with your itchy scalp, does not wash away together with your hair dye, leaves your hair soft, smooth, shining and healthy, then you should know all these shampoos are as good as advertised.
  • Long-term results: Sometimes, no matter how good a shampoo is, you still need to use it regularly to obtain the same effects. Sometimes, when you switch shampoos or you stop using one particular variety, your hair comes back to its initial poor shape. This is not the case with these sulfate free shampoos, as they offer long-term results.
  • Affordability: ​​​​​​​ Granted, of these shampoos are pricier than others. Nevertheless, they offer incredibly good value for their money, as you will need less conditioners, less supplemental hair treatments, less styling, and so on. Overall, the use of these shampoos save you money on the long run.

​​Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo on the Market

​Even if you believe all the amazing customer reviews and you want to follow your hairstylist’s advice on sulfate free shampoos, you still need to consider a few things before buying one.

​​Sulfate Free Shampoo Side Effects

As a rule, sulfate free shampoos – as we said above – come together with a plethora of natural ingredients, from oils to herbs, and from fruit extracts to added vitamins and minerals. However, before buying one or more of these shampoos, you need to read the label carefully. Some of them may contain oils and extracts you are allergic to (one example being almond oil).

You should do the mandatory skin allergy test before using the shampoo, just as you do with hair dye or other cosmetic products. While sulfate free shampoos are generally hypoallergenic, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Another issue you should take into account is your hair type. You will see many people praising one type of shampoo, while others totally rejecting it for making their hair frizzy or oily. Some people can also complain about itchy scalps, while others may confess hair loss.

​Before you start using any type of shampoo, make sure you are fully aware of your hair type and scalp problems. If you want to make sure you are safe to use the best sulfate free shampoo on the market, you decided you wanted to try, have a chat with your physician or dermatologist.

​​Personal Commitment to All Things Natural

Some peoples’ expectations are a bit unrealistic: after years of using sulfate shampoos and hair products chock full of chemicals, switching to an all-natural product may leave you disappointed. That would be a real shame. Even the best sulfate free shampoo in the world will not show the most amazing results for your scalp and hair after the first use.

​Your hair needs to get accustomed to the new product and ingredients. Your scalp will recalibrate oil production; your hair will need to adjust to the new ingredients. It would be a shame to dismiss the benefits of sulfate free shampoos only because your hair did not change body, structure, shape, volume, feel, and looks after only one use.

​​Sulfate Free Shampoos Scent

We said it before and we will say it again: people have different tastes. This being said, you should expect the sulfate free shampoos to lack the powerful perfume of traditional shampoos. While they do not lack fragrance (fruits, spices, essential oils, and earthy scents), they will not smell as you expect them to.

Our recommendation is for you to carefully read the label of each product. Besides being allergic to some scents (in which case we recommend you skip the product and find something else), you should make a general idea on what you will smell like. If lavender or coconut are not your cups of tea, go on to the next product on the list and find one you feel comfortable with.

​Many natural shampoos have neutral scents or vague ones. If you want your hair to smell amazing the second you enter a room, make sure you find the product that suits your needs.

​Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo on the Market

We emphasized on many important things while we assessed and rated each individual shampoo, but there are still a few questions you need to ask yourself before going shopping. Many FAQs have their answers on each of the reviews linked here, but let us resume some of the most important inquiries people have in relationship with these shampoos.

​1. ​​​Am I using only natural ingredients in this shampoo?

​2. ​Am I going to get better hair after using these shampoos?

​3. ​Are these shampoos fit for all ages?

​Why Are these Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Varieties ​Awesome/Valuable?

​These sulfate free shampoos are awesome and valuable for a great number of reasons. We mentioned such reasons on each individual product review, but we are more than glad to summarize our top favorite awesome reasons why everybody should give these shampoos a chance.

​​Looks and feel

​​If you are the type of person hating their hair for looking like a straw pile or a used oil deposit,  you will definitely love how your hair will look and feel after using one of these shampoos. The multiple benefits kick in after a while and you will notice them all. Better looking hair, healthier feeling scalp, less hair loss, less dandruff, more volume, texture, and shine – what is not to love about them? Moreover, since some of these shampoos also come together with conditioner, you will get even more protection and nutrition. Sulfate free shampoos also protect colored hair, so you will enjoy your wild hair colors for longer periods.

​​Sharing is caring

​These shampoos are age-independent and gender-independent. We said this before, but it is important to emphasize on this feature. You can use them on children as well – as they will not lead to tears or allergies. You can use them on teenagers to promote strong, lush hair since early ages. You can share the shampoo with your whole family and everyone will love it!

​​The psychology of beauty

​​Many women and men feel bad when their hair looks bad. How many times did you feel reluctant to go out just because your hair looked flat, greasy, dirty, or downright unnatural? These shampoos will certainly boost the health and looks of your hair, also boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence in the process. Looking better always translates into feeling better. In addition, since you will use natural ingredients and chemical-free formulas, you will look and feel awesome.  

​Common Questions

Before reaching the conclusion of this best sulfate free shampoo top ten list we have to focus on three more common questions that preoccupy everyone. We also touches such subjects on each individual review, but for clearer conclusions, we will also resume them here.

​Q1: Are the best sulfate free shampoo varieties on the list environmentally friendly?

​Q2: ​Are these shampoos cruelty free?

​Q3: ​How much attention should I pay to the shampoos expiration dates?


This was our best sulfate free shampoo of 2018! They are excellent picks if you want to eliminate chemicals from your life and give your hair the pampering it needs. You will boost your hair looks, volume, texture, shine, and strength – among others.

One of the biggest advantages of these sulfate free shampoos is that you can use them no matter if you have damaged or oily hair. If you simply want natural ingredients, chemical-free formulas, a boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and soothing elements, than these products are for you. They make great choices for environmentally aware people as well. They can successfully replace other shampoos and conditioners, chemical hair treatments, serums, or masks. They are the closest version of homemade and DIY hair care products.

No matter if you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair or the best sulfate free shampoo for curly hair, you will be happy to learn the shampoos on the list are affordable and easy to use. You may find some to be pricier than others may, but they are all worth every cent. Many come together with outstanding quality warranties and return policies.

For more details on each individual best sulfate free shampoo, please check out the reviews we offered for each of the ten sulfate free shampoos on this list. If you have more inquiries, concerns, suggestions, or feedback to offer, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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